Neogence New Pore Solutions Event

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Thanks to Camy and VanityTrove, I was invited to the Neogence New Pore Solutions Launch at Food for Thought!
Food for Thought cafe was booked for this private event!
Welcome ~!
I walked in and the first thing I saw was this LOL
And the other thing that was pretty spectacular ... Bottle decoration from the ceiling!
Lets take a look at the Neogence products on display shall we!
Neogence New Pore Solutions - The New Innovation!
HA - Hyaluronic acid range
UV Protection series
Deep Cleansing series
A picture with Kiyora before the event started!
And I was glad to see my dear Verlyn! (She sooo sexy that day pheww-wee!)
I love going events coz I do get to know new friends and it is really fun! Hello Chantana! Love her smile!
Guests take a seat before the event starts
Guest speaker for the night - Dr Hsieh 
Frankly .. his skin is really GOOOOD for a guy! Soft soft and fair fair de!
One of the best tips that I've picked up that night is to use a SPATULA for all your creams! Can you imagine the amount of bacteria that you introduce to your lotions and creams each day by putting your finger into it? And the multiply that number for the duration of time u use the product .. eeeks!
Secondly as Dr Hsieh says, Do not RUB your skin! 
Gently pat lotion/cream on your face with a slight tapping motion to prevent premature skin.
Here he is, patting the product on the model's face.
We also get to try out the products during the demonstration so we can fully understand and try out the consistency of the specific item that he is using on the model. This is my friend Tiphanie! Im sure you have seen her before here in my blog too :)
Trying out the product
I've always have huge pores on my nose so Im really interested and excited to try this STAR PRODUCT out! The Neogence Extremely Off-Heads Serum
Unique pore-purifying formula, cleans and removed acne
Dr Hsieh is putting on the Extreme Pore-Reducing Serum on the model now
Three functions : Oil-Control + Rebuilding + Reducing Pores and Smoothing Skin
Dr Hsieh also demonstrates how to encourage collagen and skin radiance by gently massaging the product with a circular motion.
Lastly, the Anti-Blemish Treatment Gel 
Long-term oil control : Let the skin be fresh all day
There ... Use a spatula at all time! LOL
In addition we were also taught how to apply eye cream correctly
Gentle massage around the eyes to drain away excessive water retention 
Use your 4th finger as it is the most gentle and will not pull skin aggressively 
Use an Upward motion to keep wrinkles at bay
And Sasa also had a small quiz to reward questions that are answered correctly!
Congrats to the winners!
After the talk and quiz .. it was DINNER TIME!
Lets start eating!
Some of the girls ordered coffee or tea but I cant take it or else I cant sleep .. so I opt for Hot Chocolate and its was REALLY NICE!!! Soooo yummy~!
My dinner lol
Another new friend Cyndi .. Can you believe she is OLDER than me??? Faint max. 
Nobody believe. Fml.
Desserts is stressed spelt backwards! So I shall eat it like, now!
Thanks for the very fun girly evening and letting me sit together & eat all the yummy sinful food and desserts with all of u! :D
Thank you VanityTrove, Sasa and Neogence!
And thank you for letting me meet up with my friends and make new friends at the same time! :)
Im trying out the Neogence products now and more reviews on it soon I hope!
Take care!
Neogence Series can be found in Sasa stores and also in the November VanityTrove edition.
Back soon. xoxo

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  1. I just ordered the Extremely Off-Heads Serum and the other Neogence items. So nice to surf your blog.

  2. Thanks dear! So sweet of u xoxo :)


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