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Saturday, October 13, 2012

My friend Jeannie organised a quick lunch last week with the fellow wives to catch-up before another friend Gina's birth of her baby son. 
We headed to Shashlik at Far East Shopping Centre.
In fact as Im doing up this post , my dear Gina gave birth today! *Pop champagne!*
I've never been to Shashlik although it has been around for ages! So this is my first time there, keke. Complimentary bread.
I was a little amused at the retro decoration, wall signs, waiter's uniform, the cutlery, furniture .. everything! It was as if time as stood still here.
A die die must-try Bosch soup with a dollop of sour cream. I found it pretty much above average. It is definitely much better than the ones you find in HongKong cafes, but frankly Im not a fan.
The escargots was fresh but I would prefer it if there was slightly more seasoning. We waited a long time for it too. In fact, we waited a long time for eveything.
Retro push cart. 
I ordered the Lamb Chops and I found it pretty delicious although Im sometimes apprehensive in ordering lamb chops outside. It came with a good portion of lamb, mixed peas (my favourite!) and fries which I even shared with the rest of the girls.
This is the Sashlik beef on hot plate. Salad comes with at the side.
The 'quick' lunch we intended to have turned out to be around 2 hours with a good portion of time spent waiting for our food.
But this was the saving grace! Cherry Jubilee was da bomb! Yummy!
Crepe and coffee. Coffee was good though, aromatic and not too strong or bitter.
But I had a great time with the wives that afternoon! We usually meet up with our husbands and the kids, so once in awhile we pretty much prefer to go for lunch while the kids are at school and the husbands at work. I think the conversations we have during lunch can get pretty R-rated and private! So hilarious. But its a lot of fun & laughter and we always try to arrange one if time permits. Missing the girls already!
Congrats once again to Preston and Gina on baby Pius! xoxo
Back with another update soon!
Its International Suit Up day TODAY! 13th Oct 2012
Join in the fun of International Suit Up Day 2012 on October 13th! 
Get together with your friends, SUIT UP and have fun!
International Suit Up day was started because of the awesome bro - Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother. (By the way it's back, it's now season 8. It's an awesome show but we still have no idea who the mother is.) 
In the name of the Greatest Bro of ALL TIMES, we are giving away free studio photo shoot on this LEGEN... wait for it... DARYYYY... day if you suit up* and pop by at the studio. 
We are NOT doing any sales and neither is this for charity, we are doing this hoping that some hot girls will pop by in their suit or maybe even birthday suit. You hear us right, male, female, bro or sis are all welcome! 
Event Details:
WHERE: 768A North Bridge Road Singapore, 198736
WHEN: 13th Oct 2012 from 1pm - 9pm (Open to Public)
WHO: YOU!** 
WHAT: Photo Shoot!
HOW: Just SUIT UP! You do not need to like our Facebook Page (Here!) or 
follow us on twitter and no purchase need!
WHY: Because we are awesome like this. :)

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