The Night Paige Came For Dinner

Monday, November 05, 2012

My girlfriend Cher has always insisted that I try Tiong Bahru Bakery becoz in her own words, "The bread there is HEAVEN!"
So off we went to Eng Hoon Street on a lazy afternoon 
(I didnt drive that day coz we were going for dinner and drinks that night)
Wore my LoveMi Shop Aztec Print Dress which I got using my voucher!
Here we are
It was a quiet Monday in the sleepy Tiong Bahru neighbourhood
Lets head in!
But the moment we stepped in, I realised that the place was pretty crowded!
Whats your type
This place, - true to its name .. is really Carbo Heaven 
( Or Hell depending on which camp you are from)
All kinds of bread, croissant, buns, tarts and more.
People on the Atkins Diets, dun not venture in.
You can also pick up some spread to bring home 
Or Nougat for the family
My Lover ordering for us
We shared these 
One of the Must-try here
I also loved the Coffee Art in my Flat White! Sooo pretty.
Some Tuna thing we had. Quite forgettable though.
I prefer a slightly warmer croissant but the good thing is that the pastry felt quite light & fluffy so I can see how this place has its loyal fans.
My secondary school girlfriends! xx
Cher is getting married next year so we all trooped down after coffee to visit her photographer for a discussion. Then we saw a very cool Jeep! Love it!
After which we headed down to the bridal studio for her gown fitting!
Love weddings! Im so excited and happy for her!
The huge array of wedding gowns and where shall we start?
Cher trying on the gowns 
She's so slender that everything looks GREAT on her!
Hahahahahah totally forbidden to take pictures so we sneaked in some while the sales assistant is away!
She didnt choose this btw 
Waiting and camwhoring (what else)
I copy her
Cher are you done ......... :p
We walked to dinner coz they are totally in the same area and then we came across Gangnam Style!
Oppa oppa oppa gangnam style!
Hey sexy lady~~
Our dinner reservation that night!
While waiting for our big superstar friend Paige who was leaving back to Australia the next day
And here she comes!
Hello pal! I've missed ya!
Lets start dinner!
And this was where it started going DOWNHILL coz of all the drinks we had - I totally had no recollection of what happened until I saw the pics the next day!!! 
I vaguely remember these ........... 
Hahhaha look at my monkey friends!
"Elaine Woo can u stop taking stupid pictures?"
Pretty bow on my hair!
I only saw these pictures the next day 
Wah lau super tak glam la thanks Paige Poh!
WTH I dun even have any recollection that my friend arm-wrestled with the Chef 
Or even this of us taking such pics
Or me kissing my friends
I swear I still look sober right 
And then ...........
Damn funny right! No image at all.
The next day I woke up with a splitting headache, a mess of my things on the floor and ten thousand msgs from my friends that they have videos of me and that they will never let me forget what happened that night.
Sigh. I have evil friends I think.
Still loving the dress from LoveMi Shop!
Click here to shop LoveMi! 
The prints are so colourful and puts me in a great mood!
Back soon!

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