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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hello everyone! *SUPER LONG-WINDED POST*
This is a really backdated post from last year ~ hur hur! It was a great deal of fun becoz I had so many meetups with my closest and dearest-s! (Forgot to bring camera to BFF's housewarming party ... so no pics from there but oh well ~ hahaha)
Lesbo Meetup
Had a girly day with my lesbo lover dii dii!
Went to eat Thai Express
And die die even if damn full also must eat dessert!
There is always space for dessert you know
My all time favourite must-eat .. Sesame mix Almond paste!
Waiting for her valet at Paragon 
And my birthday pressie from her!!! 
Victoria Secret Yoga pants and a Hello Kitty soft toy for me! Love!
 [Review] ButtonsNBows
All thanks to ButtonsNBows (Click here!) Organic baby clothes, I managed to order two sets of baby pressies for two separate baby parties! 
All nicely packaged and wrapped. They even did a delivery to my friend becoz I was going to be in Melbourne and couldnt attend the party! Phew~ saved my life!
[Sponsored Review] Suisse Programme Cellular Boosting Range 
This multi-active range boosts the transformative effects of Suisse Programme Cellular daily skincare. It combines the power and effectiveness of three high-tech formulas to help banish signs of skin fatigue and dullness to give you a smooth, radiant and luminous complexion. 
Thank you Sasa Singapore for the Suisse Programme Cellular Boosting Range!
This is one of the Suisse Programme's Top Sellers and Im so glad to be able to review it!
Im particularly fond of this Suisse Program Cellular Boosting Day cream with SPF 30
Its not greasy at all and did not break me out. I wear it under makeup or simply to Yoga all the time.
This is the Suisse Programme Cellular Boosting Solution which is a Night cream. 
Its always advisable to use 2 separate creams (One for day and one for night) becoz their purposes for skin differs. A good day cream should have SPF for sun protection and a night cream is usually 'heavier' for skin's regenerative use during sleeping hours :)
The Suisse Programme Serum Cellulaire Dynamisant
It is a skin booster serum that is suitable for ladies interested to have an additional 'oomph' factor if they feel that their normal skincare routine is not sufficient enough. It is watery and runs clear, and is usually applied after toner, before (day or night) cream.
The Suisse Programme range is now available at all Sasa stores nation-wide in Singapore and for more info please go to Sasa Website on Suisse Programme or http://www.suisseprogramme.com p.s their spokesperson Kelly Lin is super chio! 
They look GREAT on my bathroom top too! So elegant and expensive looking ho ho ho~
For more info please visit : http://www.facebook.com/SGSaSa
Antoinette with Mr Hermes
Met up with my guy friend Mr Hermes (his favourite brand thus, the nickname) !
Went for nonsense talking and eating! 
This is me showing him my fierce tiger roar look
He act handsome
Hate him! He is soooo skinny but he can eat the whole place down!
2 main course wtf got worms inside
Im all done and drinking coffee while looking at him eat zzzzzzz
Went to blow my hair! (I was leaving for Melbourne early the next day)
Love love cheap blowouts thrills! They typically last for 3 good days but I dun do it often coz I go to yoga pretty often and wash my hair after. I only do it when Im travelling or have a few spare days from exercise.
Nice tea session!
Launch of Elin Kling for Marciano Collection
Held at Avalon, I attended the Elin Kling for GUESS Marciao collection!
She is super chio! And a blogger too! You go, girl!
My favourite picks from the collection
Her pieces are actually extremely classy and simple in either a statement design or fabric. Like the above dress was in an effortless white silky material but the design and lines made it very unique. 
This jumpsuit has a militant feel with the neckline, but the print on it makes it fun to wear!
The below dress reminds me of Coco Chanel, a 1920s era that can be so modern with a nice pair of heels and head off to a party!
Some accessories from the collection 
Love her rock chic feel!
Macaroons that are sooo pretty! I cant bear to eat them at all! It was a nice time chatting to the peeps at Guess! :D Hope to see u guys soon S! And thanks for the invite! 
Hi-tea session and Xmas Gift exchange with my 38 sisters
Met my girlfriends for our annual Xmas exchange and gossip session at 10 Scotts Hyatt 
Its more low key than most hi-tea places so expect alot of privacy esp if u go for the sofa seats
The hi-tea tier is re-fillable upon request
Sista Viv!
Sister Cel!
We had fun!
Went to take picturessss at other sofa! LOL
Hot food - Pumpkin soup and Briyani
Do try the scones! Its hot and nice~
Fresh fruits 
Exchange time!
3 happy girls with pressies, food and gossip! (Why I stand until my waist look like so big)
Great catchup with my girls! Cya all soon!
Lunch at Shangri-La with 54K 
My ex-colleague arranged lunch with old friends!
Oyster buffet with my ex-colleagues! Yumsss!
Its been 7-8 years since we were in the same team while flying and we still keep in contact!
We meet up for makan and coffee and its always a delight!
Love them so much! Never fail to make me laugh
And always eat eat eat!
Love spending time and laughing the afternoon away with them! Muacks muacks xo
Paul's Takashimaya with Charmaine
Had a short lunch cum tea session with my girlfriend Charmaine at Paul's
One of the cafes I go to when go town!
She gave me my Christmas + Birthday pressie already so here's mine for her! Hello Kitty!
Their croissants are really nice!
Ahahaha I always end up eating crepe
Char's roast chicken looks delicious!
Self-take act cute number 1
Had a great time with my girl friend! xo
See u when u are back from your Taipei (again) holiday!
Secondary School Meetup and Xmas Exchange!
We arranged a school dinner meetup before Christmas!
Its been 15 years since we left school! And nearly 19 years since we know each other!
Our dinner 
We talked so long and shared dessert!
Psst u got see people 'wrap' present with FedEx envelope not ahahhaha!
Man and Khimmy mao mao!
Qin and me!
Happy times with my SAC girls! Im sooo grateful that we still keep in contact all these years :)
Lunch and Xmas Exchange with Lovers!
They eat snake for awhile to have lunch with me!
Had set lunch in bugis!
Lovers Christmas exchange!
Lover Cher with hers!
Meeting them tonight again for dinner! Time flies! Its 2013 already!
[Sponsored] Lace Nails by Milly's
Headed over to Milly's to do my nails after lunch :)
Did a Lace nude pattern without 3D this time - looks so demure and pretty! 
Thank you Milly's! Kisses x
Special Mention on my Vivian Oversized Jewel in Gold Textured Setting Ring $18 (Charcoal) from AlwoodShop worn in picture above.
Lunch and Xmas Exchange with my Pretty Babes
My prettiesttt sexy girlfriends and me out for a long leisure lunch date! :D
It was a nice and lovely day when I met up with my forever-busy pretty babes at 9 Jalan Kubor called Symmetry
The concept here is pretty rustic and I like the cozy feel of the cafe
My pretty babe Val and me!
They very bad lor. Disturb my Hello Kitty 
Fried mushroom!
Do u recognise this pretty gal? 
Wahahah! Her name super big on this marble slab! (for table reservations)
I copy her
Yay coffee!
Sharing dessert!
Hello kitty wants a share 
Hope u like yr pressie my dearest Ber!
I love mine!
To Val's amusement ... all Hello Kitty ... (but not the present if not she will faint!)
Excitedly opening our presents!
Reading the card I wrote for them :D
Back to opening pressies!!!
Gifts of makeup! Every girl's FAV! *heart in eyes*
Thanks my darling Ber for our belated birthday lunch treat! 
Im sorry Val's birthday and my birthday is only 1 day apart so poor u got to treat us both!!! LOL!
And everyone who would like to go shopping - please drop by LoveMi Shop! Daily new arrivals too! 
 Lastly ....
[Sponsored Review] VanityTrove December Edition
Look what came in time for Christmas!
The newest VanityTrove (Click here!) magazine! 
Its in every trove and is filled with information and vouchers and special promotions!
Its small handbook size .. like a beauty bible!
Flip flip ~ all the information on the monthly products can be found in this booklet too 
Here's what I received :)
Every month packed to the brim!
A close up of the goodies 
Trulife Lingzhi Immunity bottle 
Slim Secret Snack Attack
[Update] I've tried it and its really delicious! I finished it when I was feeling peckish and its low GI so it kept me pretty full until dinner time. Might re-purchase in future! Great for snacking~
Bifesta Non-Rinse Makeup Remover
Im excited to try this! Hope it gets rid of my waterproof mascara 
Belif Skincare 
Great travelling sample sizes 
Essence Color & Shine Lipstick Pencil in 03 
A nice red that doubles up as a lip pencil and lipstick
My Beauty Diary Face Mask - Apple Polyphenol Mask
Always a trusty favourite to use while watching TV!
[Update] I've used it and it gives off a nice apple scent when I opened it! Left my skin moisturised and I like this brand becoz they dun break it out and their prices are also easy on the pocket. Available in Watsons.
Yuskin Family Medical Cream
Number 1 Vitamin enriched cream in Japan since 1957!
Touted as a miracle cream, this vitamin e cream seems to be able to smooth dry skin and can be used over the lips too! I will try it esp when I feel that my skin is getting dry from all the air-con!
[Update] I used it on my lips one day becoz I felt that my lips were extremely dry and lip balm didnt really help much. There is a slight camphor smell, but its super mild. I like that this is not greasy and my lips did get immediate relief and stopped peeling.
Albion Skin Conditioner Essential
This is a toner to help condition skin and recuperates stress, UV rays and pollution-damaged skin.
Its now retailing at Takashimaya Beauty Level and although I've not tried this yet - the Sales assistants were super friendly! I will try it soon :)
Thank you once again VanityTrove for my sweet Christmas surprise! And thanks Camy for rushing it so I can receive it before Christmas ... its very sweet of u and I appreciate your thought! xoxo
If you are interested to start receiving your very own VanityTrove every month, do drop by
Twitter : VanityTrove 
Instagram : VanityTrove 
Thanks everyone for dropping and bearing with me in this ultra long post!
*Preview* New hair sponsor - new colour for the new year! Yay!
A friend is one who knows you and loves you just the same. 
- Elbert Hubbard 
Bye everyone! Rushing for yoga!!!!

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