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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

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Hello hello! Hows the week coming along? 
A couple of weeks ago, Orion Crystal Jewellery sent me a necklace that I really, really liked!
When I saw the website, I was struck by how professional it was. I pretty much wear mostly white gold because I have a slight adverse reaction to silver plated jewellery (even my original Chanel earrings give me a slight itch when I wear it for long hours) so I was glad to see that Orion Crystal Jewellery used Pure Rhodium
 in their pieces. Pure rhodium, the material used to plate white gold jewellery - helps to prevent tarnishing as well as to produce a brilliant whiteness. Pure rhodium is more expensive compared to silver, which easily oxidizes, becoming yellow and dull. Now, thats great news ~ I hate it when silver tarnishes! And Titatium - Allergenic Free!
The Box
Orion Crystal Jewellery comes with Free Singapore Registered delivery and in a pretty off-white box, together with the International Warranty Card.
Lets take a look at it!
This is my choice coz I personally love ANGEL WINGS!
Features :
Pure Rhodium plated
Titanium Post
Comes with International Lifetime Warranty 
Crystals are made of Swarovski elements crystals only
Orion Crystal Jewellery Angel Wing Necklace
I find it extremely unique and nothing like I have seen before in shops anywhere!
YUSO prettyyyyyy!
I love how it looks!
 It feels like I have my personal angel protection with me :D
Angel wings ~
More Information :
Each Swaroski crystal rhinestone is painstakingly set by hand, and the holes are hand-drilled in correspondence to the size of the rhinestone crystal.
I had it for about a week and I've been wearing it out quite often!
I was inspired to do a fashion collage with Orion Crystal Jewellery and I found it so fun ... that I did 3 looks with choices from the collections found online!
Here's what I would wear immediately in an heartbeat! What a SKULL summer look! Perfect for hot sunny days when you just wanna wear something light, yet dun wanna compromise on style!
I paired this with a simple Adora Crystal Bracelet :Found here
Another look that I've been RAWKING ~ The Black Jacket with T-shirt fashion!
Its a pretty much 'dark' look with quite abit of black so I wanted to use sparkly jewellery. The Ivone Clear Heart necklace and Lori Medium Crystal Solitaire earrings are simple pieces but packs a punch of statement too. Can be Found here and Here
I also wanted something more bright and cheery so I decided to do a whimsical summer dress outfit that can take you from brunch to dinner with your other half! The Bluma Crystal Reverso Necklace is part of the Reverso Collection, the spherical Bluma pendant has one side of the sphere decked in shining clear SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS like a disco ball, while the other is rhodium-plated with a simple floral design in enamel. And the Leah Rose Dangle earring is both sophisticated and sweet while the pink accentuates your girly demeanor. Can be Found here and Here
Love these looks!
Are you inspired too? :)
 A Special Discount awaits for readers here! 
50% Off Storewide when you type "OCJ110a" during checkout
* This promotion is valid from now until 31st March 2013
Here's some of my picks 
And another look at my Angel Wing Necklace ~
I found the quality to be excellent and I really like necklace!
Some Tips on Jewellery Care :
The life span of jewellery is subject to daily wear and tear, and how well it is handled. With proper care, treasured items can last for a delightfully long time.
- Avoid damaging elements such as cosmetics, perspiration, perfume, cleaning solutions, chlorine.
- Clean your jewellery frequently to maintain its true beauty.
- Use a soft jewellery polishing cloth, or a non-abrasive cleaning cloth to prevent tarnish build-up.
- Avoid using ultrasonic cleaners, ammonia, chemical solutions or abrasive cleaners to clean your jewellery.
- Remove jewellery before taking a shower, working out, swimming, soaking in baths and hot tubs, making household repairs and doing other strenuous activities.
Special Thanks to Orion Crystal Jewelley once again!
Website :
Facebook :
All Jewellery comes with Free Shipping, International Lifetime Warranty and a 30-Day Exchange Policy!
Happy Shopping! xx
Thanks for joining me! 

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