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Friday, March 15, 2013

[Sponsored Review] Hello everyone! The weekend is finally here - loves -
If you have been following me in Instagram @ sugar73, or Twitter @ sugar7733, you might have seen these the lovely new range of products that was given to me for review purposes. Im excited to be one of the Infinity KOSE reviewers, and would love to invite you along on this skin journey of mine. :)
Introducing the new Infinity KOSE Realizing White XX range 
Whitening cum Anti-aging Trio: 
 Lotion XX and Serum XX : For surface whitening , making skin radiant from within. Whitening serum approaching the root of dark spots.
INFINITY KOSÉ Deep Protection UV: One of the world's first PA++++ Sunscreen. Offers the highest SPF and PA protection to protect against spots, blemishes and photo-aging problems, wrinkles and sagging skin. SPF 50 +, PA ++++

Drawing from the power of fermentation, INFINITY XX's Kojic acid has extraordinary whitening effects. Witness one mushroom covered with Kojic acid (suppressing oxidation) and one mushroom without.
The star ingredient of the INFINITY XX series is Kojic acid 
Kojic acid is the smallest whitening agent that penetrates deep into skin to crush spot-creating melanin. It was discovered as a whitening ingredient years ago because Japanese sake brewery workers were found to have smooth, fair and flawless hands thanks to the fermentation of Koji. 
The Products
Now lets take a look at the Infinity Kose Realizing White Lotion XX product trio.
Left to Right :
Infinity Deep Protection UV, Infinity Realizing White Lotion XX , Infinity Realizing White Serum XX
Infinity KOSE Realizing White XX Lotion
A kojic acid whitening lotion that cares for blemishes and dullness with strong whitening effects, making your entire face fair and translucent. INFINITY KOSE Realizing White Lotion XX is a whitening lotion that helps delivers whitening ingredients to all corners of skin and saturates it with moisture, giving skin a translucent glow.
My first impression :
The lotion is toner-like, very watery and has a light scent to it. It absorbs quickly into my skin and has no sticky after feel. Skin feels slightly hydrated after use.
INFINITY KOSE Realizing White Serum XX 
INFINITY KOSE Realizing White Serum XX is a whitening emulsion that delivers Kojic Acid to the skin, locks the whitening ingredients within the skin for effective brightening action. Inhabits melanin generation, preventing blemishes and freckles caused by sunburn.
My first impression :
Despite naming it a 'serum', this is actually a lotion moisturizer. It is an emulsion that can be used day and night. It does not contain SPF. I love the fragrance, it has elder flower extract (for hydration) and skin has light flora scent after application. It absorbs into my skin immediately, but feels slightly sticky. The stickiness goes away a few minutes after and my skin feels plump and moisturized. 
INFINITY KOSE Deep Protection UV
Revolutionary emulsion-like sunscreen that offers PA++++, one of the first in the world to offer the highest level of UVA protection, and SPF 50+, offers the highest available UVB protection. The damage caused by UV rays does not stop at blemishes and freckles. Photo-aging symptoms such as wrinkles and sagging are in fact largely caused by UV rays as well. UVA mainly damages the dermis chronically such as wrinkles and sagging: Addressed by PA++++ . UVB mainly damages the epidermis acutely and cases pigmentation such as blemishes and freckles:  Addressed by SPF 50+
My first impression :
Im impressed that Kose has the SPF 50+ PA ++++ sunscreen, its the highest SPF rating on the market and is great for our tropical weather. When I first tried it on, I like the scent (similar to the rest of the Infinity Kose Whitening range) - and it dries to a smooth finish after applying. Can double up as makeup base. 
      How I apply my KOSE products at home ..
I will be trying out the Infinity Kose Whitening XX range for a period of one month and I will be taking pictures to track my journey along the way. I have removed almost all of my skincare items and replaced them with the Infinity Kose Whitening XX range instead. However, I will be keeping my eye cream during this period (not pictured).  
Product Usage
Recommended Day and Night once daily
After washing face, apply 2-3 pumps of Infinity Kose Whitening XX Lotion on clean cotton pad (You may choose to use your palms)
Saturate pad with lotion and apply on bare face
I like to use an upward, patting motion 
On the same cotton pad, I pump Infinity Kose Whitening XX Serum 1-2x
Apply to face and neck
I also like to apply any skincare on to my neck area, in an upward motion.
*Secret! I apply it any unused lotion on my shoulders too! That's where the sun tend to hit most!
Apply eye cream as normal and you are good to go!
I will be keeping track of my Infinity Kose Whitening XX progress here in the blog so do remember to check back in 2 weeks! I've taken 'Before' pictures and hope to do a comparison soon :)
INFINITY KOSÉ New Launch Promotion (Until 30 April 2013)
Enjoy exclusive 10% Introductory Discount:
• Deep Protection UV at $49 (retail: $54)
• Realizing White Lotion XX at $99 (retail: $110)
• Realizing White Serum XX at $99 (retail: $110)
Purchase INFINITY KOSÉ Realizing White XX at retail price $148 and enjoy any 2 newly launched INFINITY KOSÉ products at 15% off.
Official KOSÉ Facebook page
The KOSE Facebook Page has a new app that will commerce on 15th March that allows all Facebook users to register and get FREE miniatures of the products. 
Simply 'LIKE' the KOSE Facebook Page in the given link above -> Register through the app -> Share with 10 friends and select your favorite location to pick up the miniatures! 
Its that simple! There are 1000 Infinity Kose Deep Protection UV to give away so hurry!
Leaving you a picture with all the KOSE Bloggers! You can check out their posts here :
Have a great weekend, guys! 
I'll be in Rompin, Malaysia by the time you are reading this xoxo
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I'll be back soon :D
Disclaimer : Products have been sponsored to author for review purposes , all opinions expressed here belongs to the author and does not reflect any company. Reviews and views expressed are of the and the author is not affiliated with the company in any way or has been paid to post a review. 

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