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Thursday, April 11, 2013

[Sponsored Review]Hello everyone!
Its been a month since I was on the Infinity Kose Realizing White XX challenge .. but it really seems only yesterday! Time flies! If you did not catch it previously - Do go to : and :)
Here are the 3 products that I have been using faithfully over this past month
My thoughts on the products so far?
Personal Review :
I've grown to really like this range because I can see a vast brightening effect and radiance on my skin. It is no longer dull and I find that I don't look as dark as before! I tend to suntan rather easily, but with the Infinity Kose Realizing White XX range - I regain a slight fairness in a matter of days when it used to take weeks. For that alone, I am pleased with the results. 
Can you see the difference? Love the brightening effect!
So in this post, I would like to show you how I also use the Infinity Kose Realizing White XX Lotion to do a simple yet effective Hydration Mask at home in minutes!
So are you ready? Its really very fast and easy!
You will need : 
This is a pack of Compressed Face Mask that you can get from most Daiso stores, or personal stores. Kose counters sell their own range of compressed masks of a better quality so do head to the counters to check it out if you prefer to do so. :)
They look like teeny paper pills
Its SUPER easy!
1. Simply pump the Infinity Kose Realizing White xx Lotion in
You can use any small container to do so
Fill about 10-15ml of lotion
Remove one mask from casing
Place it into the lotion
Hang on ..
And watch it expands..!
And there you have it! Your quick and easy Hydrating Mask!
It should fit your face well
Sit back and give yourself a 10 second face massage!
You should feel very relaxed!
And in 10 minutes ..
You can remove it! 
*Note : Do not leave it on for too long. Mask should still feel slightly damp and not completely dry! If it is dry, it means you have put it on for too long. Reduce time in future.
And thats really all to it! :D
This is a perfect mask on-the-go, and you dun need to pack in separate masks for travel! Its a quick pick me up for dry, dehydrated skin and I enjoy the quick pampering session before I put on my normal skincare. This additional step also makes my makeup glide on easier, and does not leave any sticky after-feel on my skin. In addition, compressed masks are relatively cheap to get, so you can try it with other lotions, toners or even DIY your own floral water to place the masks in .
(Eg, Rose water or even Chamomile tea makes great soothing masks)
Hope you all have fun trying something out today and this brings an end to my Infinity Kose Challenge! Thank you all who participated in the Kose facebook giveaway as I heard that all samples was redeemed! Take care and cya soon!
Bye bye! xoxoxo
p.s Been trying not to use falsies recently .. what do you think of it? :D
Kose Website :
Kose Facebook Page :
Disclaimer : Products have been sponsored to author for review purposes , all opinions expressed here belongs to the author and does not reflect any company. Reviews and views expressed are of the and the author is not affiliated with the company in any way or has been paid to post a review. 

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