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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Happy Labor Day!
I love public holidays .. its a nice break from the mundane week although I very much prefer PHs on Fridays or Mondays, though! Keke. But its a great way to welcome the month of May - wait .. hang on..! Its May ALREADYYY?? Seems like time passes in such a jiffy, I can't even.
And the amount of pictures I have in my computer! Dun even let me start on it. Pictures from various places, people and product reviews .. le sigh. I wanted to work on my Hongkong photos for the longest time but lo, and behold. I found pictures of when we went to the Esplanade to watch the Kumar show! It was the day before we flew off to Hongkong if I remember correctly. :)
I've always loved Kumar, the entertainer. 
I have fond memories of the times in Boom Boom Room where I've spent many a weekend laughing my ass off his R(A) jokes on all topics - fat, short, thin men, women, drag queens, sex, angmoh, indians, chinese ah lians, our gahmen, local celebrities .. too hilarious! 
We arrived early at the Esplanade to beat the crowd and chose a quaint Japanese restaurant for a quick pre-show dinner.
I love the 60s Japanese murals on the wall. Very interesting.
We ordered some sashimi and a california roll to share.
I found the food there to be pretty good, the sashimi was decently fresh and the yakitori was quite delicious. And although the service was very courteous, they were grossly short-handed so I could only lament how difficult it is to find local service staff in recent times. 
Anyways after a satisfying dinner, we walked back to the theater, - right in time for a quick drink before we headed in to watch the show.
And there he is - Kumar in his full glory :)
The show wasn't as funny as his normal routines in the clubs but I guess they have to send the script to the authorities for approval, and we all know the kind of sense of humor our beloved gahmen has ...
 Oh well.  
But Im glad my uncle had fun that evening with us! 
(My mum was supposed to go but she booked her holiday after we bought the tickets so my uncle filled her seat nicely, haha.)
Anyways, hope u are having a great Labor Day holiday and take care!
My Look of the Day 
Went semi-casual in a flora ruffled top with skinny jeans and a hot pink clutch!

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