My pink Femme De Pivot Iphone case

Friday, May 24, 2013

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When I first got my new Iphone 5, I was pretty dismayed to realize that all my pretty cute Hello Kitty Iphone 4 casings CANNOT be used anymore! Why liddat u ping guo~ Why you keep changing the iphone size one. Geez.
And unfortunately for me - I had a hard time trying to find nice, sweet suitable handphone casings becoz I really didnt want to buy poor quality, Made-in-China replicates at the pasar malam. One fine day, with a lucky stroke of luck; Femme De Pivot - a Hongkong based online handphone accessory website offered to send me some of their casings for a review! 
I was over the moon! 
They looked so so PRETTY!
I picked out two designs from the various collections that they offered online and I cant wait to see how they looked and feel like in person. 
The Delivery 
The box was big!
Then I realized why. 
Femme De Pivot had packed everything so neatly and covered it with paper shreds to protect the casings! How thoughtful. 
And with a handwritten note for me too! 
I love the sweet packaging!
This particular design comes with a free handphone screen protector, too!
A close-up look of the Shining Romance Collection range
I chose this design coz the color is so, so SWEET!
Trying it on
The second design I chose was from the Home Sweet Home Collection range
This is a different handphone casing - as this is made of rubber 
Very soft!
Trying it on too ... 
I love the sweet pink COLORS!
And in addition .. Femme De Pivot has their own APP! 
Yes .. now I can match my handphone casing with my WALLPAPER using the free Femme De Pivot app! How nice ~ !
Simple head to the 'App Store' - Search for 'Femme De Pivot'
There are so many choices and colors in the app !
You can also download calendars 
Or send a Love message! 
So a big thank you to Femme De Pivot for their lovely handphone cases! 
I feel so korean and the sweet colors never fail to make my day :)
For more info and to see their collection online :
Thanks for looking and happy holiday!

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