Making a mess during Supper

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hello hello! 
In between writing reviews and catching up on my #forever backlog events ... I love to post snippets of  my personal pictures! Hahahaha! Im not sure if anyone here wants to see them .. but these are great ways to remember those lovely (and super hilarious) moments ..
Like these.
It wasn't actually GT's birthday but it was pretty akan datang *coming soon and we were at supper so we decided to do drinks. Evil or what.
We all bought the Sodastream machine after seeing it at Savour and we wanted to TEST DRIVE it. Ya, right at the restaurant. Can?
But the problem was ..... 
We naughtily added WHISKEY in!
You know how after a race, - the winning driver would shake the champagne bottle vigorously and proceed to pop it? 
And then what will happen?
Something like that lor.
So mission whiskey champagne #fail 
So just pour the bloody whiskey in the glass ba!!
In beer mugs AND shot glasses
And proceed to do beer whiskey submarine! 
Woo hooooo!
T, your turn
And drink up ... guys!
Specially carved tomato for the red face tomato birthday boy
And a picture ode to ME! 
*Twist, smile-act-cute, instagrammmmm*
It was such a funny night! I can't rem how many submarines we did that day.. Anyways in the end, we realized that you should never ever put anything besides water in your Sodastream.

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