BFF Bangkok Trip Day 1

Friday, July 26, 2013

[Picture-Heavy Bangkok Trip] Hello girlies! xx 
Sorry for being away for what seemed to be like the longest time and while I was contemplating if I should bring my laptop to Bangkok, - I decided against it coz I reckon I would be too tired everyday to stay awake, let alone work there! And I was right! Hahaha it was day after day of eat sleep shop repeat! I hope you are ready for a gazillion pictures! 
(And this is Day 1 only ~ I effin' cant believe my camwhoring skills have reached another level - 醉高静洁) Edited to add: Sorry its 最高境界 - My chinese E8 one.
BFF Wen and me!
We made a similar trip to Bangkok last year here : and it was FUN!! So we decided to do this again this year! #wanderlust
We chose Jetstar for this trip and it was no frills and quite comfortable.
Flight time is freaking 7am in the morning so here's two super sleepy char bor who was raring to have some morning java!
Sleepy heads
My eyes can barely open
Woohoooo traditional breakfast is da bomb!!
Monkey face optional
Our eyes significantly opened when we went SHOPPING!
Action pack 
Wen bought some stuff so I propped up my legs and had a nice hot cup of cappuccino while waiting for her to be done.
She joined some Changi airport lucky draw and won a universal adapter! Lucky!
Playing with her Running Man cap.
(Did I mention that I saw, I dunno.. I think its HAHA from Running Man last weekend at Velvet and Im like, Who the hell is that. And there was this other guy *cant rem his name* in sunnies ALL THE WAY in Velvet which is like so dark already, I hope he didnt fall. But BFF says thats part of his style and Im like "Okieee.")
Soon we headed to the gates!
This is like at 6+ am 
She looks happy for someone who didnt sleep the night before
And all I have is water retention 
Lets go!
Now its sinking in that Im heading to BKK, yay!
Boarding the plane!
Woah it was a damn full flight !
Running Man FAN
I basically just NUA with my ipad magazines
Soon we are in BANGKOKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
First things first.
Local SIM carddddddd
Damn happy la we took the 299 Baht (S$12) 3G unlimited + 100 Baht of calls.
I ish can #instagram!
Going to the hotel!
ZOMG here we areeeeee!
Novotel Platinum is the BEST location if all u wanna do is to shop whole day 
I love the HOTEL! 
Its bright, cheery and super nice and clean la.
Our room for the 4D3N trip!
Woohoooo bestest
Show you what was in BFF bag.
Bag in a BAG..! (For shopping *sweat*)
Changed into something more comfortable and out we go!
Shopping waits for no woman!
Er.... sorry forgot that we were starving 
I tell uuu ~ the foodcourt food is nice de lor
My Thai chicken rice
Wen and her TOM YUM!
We usually have the habit of starting from the top floors where there is less shoppers and usually the items are cheaper since its not as crowded as the lower floors.
6 floors of BLISS ************
Platinum mall sells an array of men, women, children clothes and accessories. 
Its actually a wholesale mall but we tried to bargain and buy only 1 piece (instead of 2-3) and usually they say ok! Hahaha! 
Came across this really nice Skull necklace and we bought one each!
Ask BFF to take pic with the necklace then she give me an act-sexy look ~WTH.
I need to put a Minion over her face i think!
More shopping !
This small one for Godson
And guess who is here!
Best Buddy is in Bangkok toooo but flying back to Singapore that evening! We went back to put our shopping and chill out in the room a little..
Evil look! 
*Hmmmm Elaine's Winnie the Pooh needs to do headstand too"
How about a headstand at the window
*Still can smile until so happy lidddat*
We decided not to waste the day and go out!
Hot dao
I love uuuuuu!
These are people that I've known forever! #love #bffs
Sibeh hot so we stop by the roadside and buy Thai iced tea
Hand leg sibeh fast
She's not smiling at us, she is on the ear piece talking on the hp.
Lets drink and walk!
We two below bo liao
At Paragon liao!
Actually we ish want to go eat the dessert called AFTER UUUU
And we didnt have the luxury of time to wait coz Buddy has to go airport pretty soon!
So we just go opposite 
Siam square!
Bought this for my beer-guzzler at home!
Have a safe flight back Buddy! LOVE UUUUU
Back to business aka SHOPPING!
100baht de Ray bann!
We waked from Siam Square to MBK coz we need to find pillowcase and buy some stuff at the pharmacies! Auntie much, really! Was hungry (again) so we go for PIZZA!
Want to eat salad coz got corn!
Damn big plate sial
They really gimme alot of corn when I requested for it!!! 
The carbonara was yummy too! And not too big portion so it was great!
We ordered more food 
And pizza!
Frankly, everything was really delicious!
All these food for TWO!
Ok damn full liao
We practically finished everything k! #dunwastefood
But my face is like ..........
Full dao.
We walked around MBK to get our pilowcases (yes really) and then we walked back coz we wanted to digest all the food we ate earlier on!
Saw these really nice pictures from a local Thai photographer outside CentralWorld.
Both so gooood looking..!
We walk until damn tired la
Where is my Novotel...........?
Are we there yet
Night roadside stalls!
Alot of people lor!
er hello
Our heavy and full bags!
And then I see ....
My yoga bear guru still doing headstand at the ledge.
Thanks everyone for looking by!
Hope you had fun coz it was soooo funny as I look back at the picturessss! Keke.
Back to doing up some scheduled reviews but its also so much fun doing holiday ones! Will be back real soon and hope everyone have a great weekend ahead!
p.s Thanks for your patience and I will be back to reply tags and emails shortly!

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