Kate Spring Summer 2013 Makeup

Friday, July 19, 2013

[Event + Review] Recently my dear friend Verlyn kindly extended an invitation to the KATE Spring Summer 2013 Makeup Launch and I was delighted to go (although I did almost lost my way no thanks to my extreme blur-ness and was late, oops sorry!) KATE has been one of my favorite drugstore makeup brands in recent years ever since I came across their eyebrow gel. I used to have really light hair and needed something to turn my dark eyebrows into a lighter shade and KATE has these really wonderful non-permanent ones that works like a tinted mascara - but for my brows. So I digress. 
Back to KATE Spring Summer 2013, should we!
We walked into Makeup Wonderland!
I've seen some of the products in Watson's but some were new to me, so it was quite an experience trying them out.
We ate, took pictures and had fun catching up!
The Products
Brightening Makeup Base 
A makeup base that covers visible pores with the trick of light
My thoughts : I love this! This base was light and non-greasy. It suits my skin tone and blended well without much effort. My makeup glided on and stayed on for a longer time without oxidization. 
It brightened my skin tone too!
Concealing Cover Powder Foundation 
(Case & Powder sold separately) 
Very sleek casing 
Flash and brightens visible pores and redness with its flash-and-cover effect. For smooth porcelain skin that lasts for an extended period of time.
There are several shades available
My shade is BE-C
My thoughts : The powder was very finely milled and it went on as smooth as silk. I also like how it did not oxidize easily and it actually really covers blemishes without the need for concealer. My dark eye circles were considerably brighter and the powder did not settle in my fine lines. I could easily compare this with ZA, which has been one of my favorite all time compact powders.

Goldish Eyes Eyeshadow
This Spring Summer 2013, KATE focuses on the shimmer of GOLD color. 
A 4-shade eye shadow palette for realizing enticing eyes with a captivating luster layering 2 shades of gold shimmer.
There are four color combinations - Mine is PK-1, with gold and pink tones
Love the shimmer eyes ......
Im so glad that I received PINK coz duh.. its my favorite color!
My thoughts : Frankly ......... it replaced my most-used Lavshuca eye palette (not available locally)! I love the gold and brown tones and it was so easy to blend. Pics at the end of this post! Although the pink didnt stand out as much as I would like it to, the gold was really fabulous and not OTT. Very good staying power and I didnt find the shimmers too much for day time. I like how buildable the color is, and if I want go smoky eye I could use more of the darker brown instead.
Shiny Eyelid Liner
There are two colors available
I received the PK-1 (Pink Glitter) and this below is BE-1 (Gold Glitter) which I have purchased on my own prior to the event and I wanted to show it in this post at the same time.
For full lower eyelids and teary eyes - A gel liner with beautiful lustrous coloration. A gel liner to make the lower eyelids look teary, full and plump, naturally shine in a single stroke.
My thoughts : I bought this along with the Kate mascara previously and it stung my eyes alittle so please be careful with application. The colors are quite pretty but they didnt last as long as I would prefer them to. 
Gel Eyeliner 
It comes in two shades and I received BK-1 in Glow Black 
My thoughts : I like the smooth feel of the gel liner and how lasting it was. It did not smudge and application was a breeze. The only thing I dun like about gel liners is how I need to wash the brush frequently if not it would harden over time and thats why I have been using liquid liners all this while. Other than that, this is a really nice product from Kate. This is a great alternative to liquid liners if you dun have a steady hand. 
Lash Extension Mascara
A mascara that creates salon-quality lashes that are beautiful and curled.
I've reviewed this earlier in one of my posts here : http://elaine73.blogspot.sg/2013/06/my-favorite-eye-products-no-falsies-look.html so I was really glad to see this again!
My thoughts : My Holy Grail mascara for base! The fibers elongate and lengthen my lashes like no other, but I need to use another mascara to thicken my lashes and keep stray fibers from falling throughout the day. I simply use this as a first step and follow up with another voluminous mascara and Im all good to go. Will re-purchase! Why, I bought the first one already lol!
My Look with Kate Spring Summer 2013 Makeup
(With False Lashes in this look - only mascara on the bottom lashes)
A close up on the Goldish Eye Eyeshadown palette in PK-1
Overall Review : I love almost everything in the collection as (Gold is one of my favorite colors too, I guess!) the quality of the products is easily comparable to the higher end brands. This comes to no surprise with Kate's parent company being Kanebo which is one of Japan's most reputable skincare and cosmetic companies to date. (Save for their recent whitening scandal) Kate products are great for daily use and the price range ($13.90-$25.90) is reasonable. If I could pick ONE favorite product from this range, it would be the Goldish Eyes Eyeshadow for the amazingly-easy-to-blend and re-create 'Goldish Eye' look. But I would like to be greedy and say that the Makeup Base, Foundation and Mascara are my top picks too! Hee!
Hope you enjoyed the pictures and I'll be off to a staycation tomorrow and then its COUNTDOWN TO BANGKOK with bff! Perhaps I'll squeeze in a post or two but in the meantime, take care everyone!
Thanks Kate Cosmetics and Touchcomm for the invitation!
For more information, do head to :
Good night peeps!

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