The 3M LED6000 Polarizing Light at Home

Thursday, July 11, 2013

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"Eventually all the pieces will fall into place, until then... laugh at the confusion, live for the moment and know that everything happens for a reason. " - Unknown.
I relate to that quote totally because until recently, I have NEVER heard of the 3M Polarizing Light - (I thought 3M refers only to the ones you stick on the wall) then when I finally did -,  guess what. I heard it twice in a day! #truestory
It all started when 3M sent me an email on one of their latest product - The 3M™ Polarizing Light LED6000 with its Latest Air GuidingTM Technology that reduces glare and strain on eyes. As they offered to send me one for a review, I wanted to do some homework on my own at the same time.
3M Air GuidingTM Technology for easier reading
Since the introduction of the first Polarizing Lamp in 2003, 3M has been continuously striving to improve the technology and design of the lamps to help us read more comfortably. 
New to the LED6000 is the innovative 3M Air GuidingTM Technology. 
- Edge-lit LEDs were chosen instead to remove multi-shadows caused by the light source on the surface of our books or working area when we read or do work. 
- The 3M Air GuidingTM Technology acts as a light engine and works together with 3M’s advanced Durable Enhanced Specular Reflector and Brightness Enhancement Films to form an efficient and effective light recycling system that minimizes glare with optimized use of light sources. 
- “Bad” light is reflected away by the optical films and eventually a comfortable and soothing surface light source with reduced glare and one that does not cause a multi-shadow problem is generated instead of multiple independent light sources.
And while I prepared to do my own personal reading up on the 3M technology, - my hubby suddenly mentioned over dinner that very evening that he wanted to get the 3M Light for my father-in-law since he was complaining of his current old reading lamp! Talk about a coincidence! 

LED Technology for a greener and safer home
According to my husband, the 3M LED6000 Polarizing Light reduces the glare and help protects our eyes over time. Unlike traditional fluorescent tubes or light bulbs, LED technology makes the lamp safer for use at home – the LED light bulb takes away the mercury, removes ultraviolet rays and is made less breakable. In addition, the LED backlight does not heat up as well. Providing a constant and steady source of light that does not flash or flicker, these LED pellets are smaller in size and can be arranged in an optical design for a lamp that is compact and suitable for any home. 
The 3M™ Polarizing Light LED6000
I decided to put the The 3M™ Polarizing Light LED6000 in my father-in-law's study/art room where he most frequently spends his time as a painter. He does a lot of reading there too so this will be perfect for him and will not strain his eyes when he looks at his documents for hours at a stretch.
Tips for Good Eye care Habits 
Opening the box..!
Encapsulating cutting-edge technology in a stylish and sleek design, The 3M™ Polarizing Light LED6000 comes in an ergonomic design that is slim enough for tiny spaces and desktops. 
LED6000 – Efficient Heat Dissipation Solution
The LED6000 utilises an innovative ventilation design to enhance heat dissipation efficiency. Ventilation holes were designed on both top and base housing and corresponding to the heat source. With this unique design, cool air can flow into the base housing, take away heat generated from the light source and ventilate out from the top housing. As a result, the 3M heat dissipation system is able to maintain LED performance at 70% light output even after 50,000 hours of usage.
Initial Thoughts : 
The thing that most impresses me was that the 3M Polarizing Light does not heat up like traditional lamps and even when I accidentally touched the LED while I was adjusting it, the light was not hot at all. I find it safe for families with children as it will not burn their delicate skin.
Design and Usage
The lamp head adjusts easily and is smooth when you change angles. This design comes with 5 dimmer choices and you simply press lightly on the 'Touch Dimmer' to change required brightness.
Reflective light occurs when light bounces off a surfaced material, creating unnecessary stress on our eyes which may gradually weaken our eyesight. The anti-glare feature helps protect against eye strain, and allows you to read comfortably anytime.
The Paint Table
Look how bright and crisp the picture is. 
Thank you 3M for the great product and my father-in-law has nothing but raves for it! 
Disclaimer : This is a sponsored item but all opinions expressed are of the author's own.
 The LED6000 is now available in two colours : Sleek White and Luminescent Green (shown as above), and it retails in stores now at $269 (w/GST). 

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Thanks for looking! Bye! xo

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