Champagne Brunch at Sentosa

Friday, August 16, 2013

[Food + Champagne + Sentosa + Outfit] Hello guys! Is it Friday already? Wow! I was working on this post last night but unfortunately Blogger was acting up, throwing a tantrum and not saving my pictures! So I gave up and went to bed. LOL. Anways, we caught Jobs - the movie recently and it was pretty gooood! I know the reviews have been pretty tepid but I think Ashton Kutcher did a commendable job portraying Steve Jobs, down to his bespectacled look and mannerisms. Do catch it if you're an Apple user like me! I remember buying my first Ipod and being totally in awe :)
Last week during the long holiday, we gathered a couple of our good friends for brunch in Sentosaaaa!
We decided on St.Pierre at Quayside since our friends have been there and they loved the place.
St. Pierre does a mean Saturday brunch set menu at $38 per person and we wanted to try the food out.
It was the holiday weekend so whats a holiday without some bubbly!
Happiness personified.
Gulp gulp gulp - Bubbles wait for no woman
Beer for my man
Juice comes with the set and they are all freshly made upon order!
Thats what having alcohol in the morning does to u.
Even the people around me are HAPPY! What sorcery is this thing called champagne!
Okies~ enough talk on alcohol. Haaa. Lets go back to the part where the wait staff in St.Pierre are dressed to the nines, in their all-black suit and talks with an irresistible french twang while taking my order. Not badddd ... not too bad at all. *wink*
Each brunch set comes with freshly made bread which came nice and warm with a dollop of fresh butter cream at the side.
The Eggs Benedict 
Foie gras mousse on waffles 
Instagram addicts!
Mine. All mine.
I had the Scrambled Eggs with Black Truffle 
With dear Jx ~ my foodie and shopping *ahem* partner in crime.
Truthfully the food wasn't all impressive, I would prefer my eggs warmer, and maybe the truflles would be better shaved, instead of sliced? But I had an enjoyable time and the service was with no doubt, nothing less than impeccable. Champagne was nicely cold and chilled - just the way it should be. (I cant begin to tell you how atrocious some places are, I've had warm champagne, or flat champagne .. yesss flat ones, so Im very particular about some things. I mean, its not cheap at all so I dun think we should expect anything less. If the champagne is flat, just throw the bottle away and open a new one instead of serving stale bubbly. That's such a off-putting moment and sometimes I hate feeling like such a B*tch for returning the glass but bad bubbly is worse than no bubbly at all!)  
Was so full from brunch and it was a lovely day so we decided to take a walk and enjoy Quayside!
The view was spectacular! 
I could come here every week and just lie on the floor and be happy!
Quayside is a stone's throw away from W Hotel so guess where we went!
Woobar for cocktails!
Perfect for a hot sweltering day!
Love this pic with Jx!
It was a real FOODIE day coz we went for Mussels right after!
We headed to Brussels Sprouts, another restaurant by celebrity chef Emmanuel Stroobant .. so thats TWO Stroobant restaurants in a day!
I love Brussel Sprouts. I've always loved Brussel Sprouts and we frequent the one at East Coast Big Splash where its so near to the yoga studio that I go to and we have such a great time with the fun service staff and great food!
The staff are always sooo well-trained by the Stroobant group ~ I can never fault them! They gamely served us the spaghetti from the kids menu (Coz our friend was craving carbs!) and it came in such a cute plastic pink bowl! 
I pass off as a kid, no????
(Whaddya mean noo..)
Lovely day, lovely weather, lovely drinks - but most of all .....
Wonderful company.
Thanks for looking everyone!
Off to do my nails with my kitty girls and its off to celebrate kitty ann's birthday tonight!
Cant wait and will be back real soon!
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Outfit of the Day 
Off-shoulder black top and sequinned shorts from Bangkok. 
Signing off with .......
My hubby trying to act cute like me! 
Bye bye!
Hope u enjoyed the picuresss xo

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