éPure Membranous Jelly Masque Review

Friday, October 18, 2013

[Mask Review] Hello everyone! Im back with another skincare review and this time I really want to show you the popular éPure Membranous Jelly Masque that I have been seeing on Instagram for a pretty long time. Endorsed by celebrities and bloggers in Malaysia, I am so glad that it is now in Singapore and I had a chance to try out the product myself.  
I received the product from my nail sponsor Milly's as a kind gesture coz she has been using it consistently and the girl has GREAT skin!
In fact it is now one of my favorite masks currently and I've been using it for around 2 months before I decided to write about it.
What is the éPure Membranous Jelly Masque?
Developed by the renowned Dr Yulong Moy from USA, ePure Membranous Jelly Masque is the first-of-its-kind facial mask with ACF (Active Cellular Factor). This unique mask retain 70% more moisture than other sheet mask, it forces the skin pores to fully absorb the nourishing ingredients while drawing out the impurities instantaneously. it also inhibit melanin synthesis, which lightens pigmentation, balances uneven skin tone, leaves your skin brighter and supple with dewy fresh vibrancy.
The main ingredients 
- Hyaluronic Acid 
(To regulate and repair cell growth)
- Alpha Arbutin
(For whitening)
- Seaweed Extract 
(Detoxify skin)
- Jojoba Leaf Extract
(Reduce fine lines and wrinkles)
- éPure Natural Vanilla Scent 
Each box (S$39.90) comes with 6 individual masks and a plastic spatula 
The éPure Membranous Jelly Masque Promise
• Fairer skin after one use
• Overall more even skin tone
• Pores refined and hydrated 
• Lifting & firming of the cheek (skin feels more taut)
• Laugh lines & wrinkles look softer
• Pimple spots & redness lightened significantly 
• Lesser amount blackheads
First Impressions : When I first held the box .. I found it HEAVY! I half expected it to be as light as sheet masks but when I opened the mask pack, I saw that there was quite a significant amount of product in it. Initially I didnt know what the spatula was for, but the jelly-like mask is quite impossible to apply with bare hands (Although you can try...) and much easier to remove the mask with it too. 
Trying the éPure Membranous Jelly Masque
Whats a review without pictures? 
This is my BEFORE picture, with a dry cleansed face without any skincare product.
- Initial users : Use the éPure Membranous Jelly Masque 3 times a week. 
After the first month of using éPure, you can cut down on the frequency to once or twice a week depending on your preference.
- Apply a whole sachet per usage. 
Apply a thick layer of at least 0.5cm of éPure Membranous Jelly Masque onto skin for best results.
- Leave the mask on for 30-40 minutes. 
p.s Mask can be applied to eye area to lighten dark eye circles.
You can apply toner or serum (if you prefer) before applying the éPure Membranous Jelly Masque.
Evenly distribute masque on face
Relax and carry on with your daily routine, the éPure Membranous Jelly Masque does not drip.
These are my skin pictures with ZERO editing. 
My top 3 observations after using the éPure Membranous Jelly Masque 
- Increased Moisture after removing mask
Face feels soft and smooth
- Significant overall skin tone whitening effect 
Im very tanned, so I really can see a brightening effect
- Non-oily 
My skin remains hydrated and oil secretion was minimal 
(Dehydrated skin produces oil as to compensate for the lack of moisture so you might think that you have oily skin, but in actual fact : your skin might be very dehydrated and lacking in moisture thats why your oil glands are going into overdrive to produce oil) 
Overall Review : Personally I do love this product (thats why Im writing about it..lol) and at $39.90 for a box 6 sachets ($6.65 each), I wouldn't say its cheap but it is definitely within a reasonable range. Most importantly it does not break me out and I do see results after one use. I would prefer if they sold it in a tub (locally) as I can control the amount of masque to use each time but then again these sachets are so travel-friendly, I passed some to my girlfriends and brought the rest along with me on my recent holiday. It is a god-send to dehydrated skin like mine becoz it feels so cooling during use and replenishes moisture. It also helps calm my pimples and redness so I reckon that it will be ideal for most skin types including acne skin. Lastly, I also find that my makeup goes on smoothly after use and lasts longer without the need of touching up. Although the product was given to me for a review, I will be purchasing it in future. (Yes la, I like it that much keke)
Hope you enjoyed the review and pictures!
Do also drop by my friend Nadnut's review on the éPure Membranous Jelly Masque here too!  http://www.nadnut.com/2013/10/07/my-superman-nails-and-epure-masque-by-millys/
Each box retails at $39.90 and a single sachet is $9.90 at all Milly's Hair & Nails Outlets in 
Far East Plaza
    14 Scotts Road #03-131
    Singapore 228213
    Tel: 67376723
    Bugis Village Extension,
    Level 2 @ Bom Bom street, DESL No. 3, 4, 5
    Tel: 63384137
To purchase the éPure Membranous Jelly Masque online, please head to :
Authorized Distributor Milly's Website : http://www.millys.org/epure-mask.html
Email:  epuremask@millys.org for enquires or sms/ whatsapp 83835395. 
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  1. thanks for yr review
    btw, how do we check for the details ingredients?

  2. I'm brown skin, I don't like my skin tone, I love to tan and make it darker. If I like to make my skin darker I have no problem with black people trying to make their skin lighter. To me it's just personal preference. It's just like some of the thousands and thousands of people who do plastic surgery to have breast implants or facial restructures they want to look the way they want to and if it's what makes them happy I am happy for them as well.


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