JieMei Duties at Vincent's Wedding

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Hi guys! If you saw my recent post on my eyelash extensions : Here, one of the reasons that I wanted to get them done was because I had gatecrashing duties to fulfill one weekend morning at the Mandarin Oriental! It was a breeze with my makeup routine that morning, I put on powder, tied my hair and was good to go!
It was the wedding of my friends Vincent & Khine.
The groom and his brothers.
The bridesmaids entourage 
Guess the KISS game ~
 It was a hoot trying to get all the GUYS (father, brother, friends) to kiss the piece of the paper! Trying to get them to wear lipstick already like want their life like tat.
But my friend photographer Jacky is very willing to wear lipstick for me!!! Thank uuu!
Let's let the groom guess which one belongs to his wife-to-be!
First one he choose, he chose mine Zzzzzzz!
Now its time for the (酸甜苦辣) Sour, Sweet, Bitter and Spicy game
A de rigueur is most gatecrashing games locally
The other game we played is 'Kiss the Brother' - a simple pick and choose which body part the brother should be kissed by the other brother!
Laugh die us ~!!! 
Groom went to pick NIPPLE
Lipstick time
Poor guys!
Then kena ARMPIT but they pretend to kiss shoulder and say 'same la same la..!!' 
Very scandalous!
This brother deserves ang pow too I think! Sporting dao~!!
Finally after haggling for ang pows .. 
The groom finally gets to meet his wife.
-Wedding Dinner-
Had a fun time with my school mates
Vin and Khine, we wish you all the best!
It was a lovely night with laughter and we are all happy to see our friend finally getting married and settling down. Its a bitter-sweet feeling realizing that we have all grown up .. and entering phrases of our lives with new eyes. Its an exciting journey and while the wedding was wonderful, I wish that your marriage would be better as from that day on wards, you'll never have to walk alone.
Happy blessed union, with love from all of us.
Back soon!
p.s All pictures credit to Affinity Pictures by Jacky Lee.
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