My Eyelash Extensions at Milly's

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

[Eyelash Extension Tips + Pics] Hello everyone! Once again Im back on track (slowly but surely) clearing my backlogged posts and this is really waaay overdue, - Im embarrassed! About two months ago, I was supposed to be a bridesmaid for my friend's wedding and I had an upcoming holiday right after so in my wonky lazy mind, I suddenly decided to get some eyelash extensions done! It all started when my own friend wanted to know more about the extension procedure so she sought some advice from me. Prior to this, I have done eyelash extensions before at a salon near my place but that was quite a dreadful experience that I'll never forget, for all the wrong reasons. Eyelash extensions is not something I would recommend to anyone, because its really quite high maintenance, but once you prepare to put some effort in - I do think that the results are well worth it. 
Why do I need Eyelash Extensions?
Frankly speaking, the only reason I wanted to get them done is because I was LAZY.
I wanted a fuss-free alternative as opposed to putting on false lashes in the morning before the wedding gatecrash took place. (I had to be at the bride's place at 7am or something!) And I also wanted to save some time off doing makeup while on holiday. Who doesn't need more sleep?
Milly's has always been taking care of my nails (See Here and Here) so naturally I went to them to get my eyelash extensions. They are plenty of salons offering different types and styles of eyelash extensions so I can't speak for all but here's my experience with Milly's and even though my treatment is sponsored, it doesn't mean I'll blatantly advertise for them as its really not my style to do so.  
I made an appointment with Xiaoyue, at Milly's Far East Plaza branch for an eyelash extension appointment and was told that the procedure would easily take 30-45 minutes so do set some time aside if you intend to head down for the treatment.
I decided to take a picture of my natural lashes before and after I do the eyelash extension for comparison purposes.
Besides eyelash extensions, Milly's does an array of services which includes nails and hair extensions too.
Doing your homework 
I recommend looking at pictures of eyelash extensions and trying to know the type of extensions that you prefer. There is a variety of extensions available and many of them differ in lengths and thickness,  and if they are straight or criss-cross versions.
I found a great picture online to show you some of the types of extensions available commercially.
Pic linked from here 
What is available at Milly's
Milly's offer Single strand Mink Lashes to Cluster Bundle Lashes with prices ranging from $55-75. 
There are no hidden costs and if you like the experience, Milly's offer a 5x + 1 free eyelash extension package. Touch-ups cost typically between $10-30 each time. There is a free touch up within a week.
My Personal Choice
I wanted something Dolly, to mimic the lashes that I normally wear so I decided to choose the Cluster Bundle Criss-Cross lash with 2 different lengths, 10mm at the sides and 12 mm in the middle. This set would cost $65. 
(Lashes as seen above) 
What happens during the Eyelash Extension?
The procedure is takes place quickly after I chose my lash style and decided on the length of the lashes on the advice of my therapist. Im not wearing any eye makeup, no eyeliner or powder so they therapist saves time without the hassle of having to remove any eye makeup before the extension process.
The therapist sticks a kind of sticky tape under my eyes while I lie on the bed and proceed to have my eyes closed for the entire duration.
Im sorry coz the pictures turn out all crooked here coz my eyes were obviously closed so I anyhow shoot like gunfire ~ click, click, click! My therapist laughs and says for someone with her eyes closed, the #selfies looked decent enough. Lol.
Each strand of lash is individually glued on to the top of my natural eyelashes but thankfully, I had no reaction to the glue even with my incredibly sensitive skin. 
After 30 minutes
I could feel some weight on my eyes where the full set of eyelash extensions are, but to be truthful there is very minimal discomfort from the glue or lash. To dry the glue of the eyelash extensions, my therapist hands me a mini-fan (as seen below) and Im required to hold on to it while 'blowing' my eyes. This action speeds up the drying process so that I'll be done faster but I am cautioned to not get my eyes wet (eg.steam in facials) or to carry out swimming or sauna activities within a 48-hour period for best results.
Here's a clearer close-up of my freshly done eyelash extensions.
Final Results 
I took these pictures right after I was done and thankfully as you can see, there was very minimal irritation* on my skin or eyes after the procedure. 
*I cannot speak for everyone out there so I recommend you to be very aware while doing the extensions and if you feel any irritation or discomfort (burning sensation is never good) , it is better to be on the safe side and ask your therapist to stop immediately. Please do not go for the procedure if you have any open wounds or an aversion to eyelid infections or irritations. Do seek advise from a doctor if you are unsure.
I had quite afew questions on Instagram right after posting my eyelash extensions and also a couple of emails so I wanted to do up this post to address any concerns or questions. I'll touch on some of the commonly asked questions later in this post :)
One Week Later
Here's my eyelash extensions after a week.
I still think they looked perfect although I didnt really put in any effort to maintain them!
Eyelash extensions typically* last anything from 3 weeks to 1 and a half months (for the extremely diligent!) and here's some pictures of mine after around 3 and a half weeks.
*typically - on the average, but results vary. 
After 3 Half Weeks 
I could feel my extensions getting a little 'loose' as my natural lashes grow out or drop (normal hair cycle) 
You can choose to 'fill-in' your extensions (They cost $10-$30 depending on your current extension condition) if they become loose or drop out, but I would prefer to remove them and start anew.
As I wanted to let my eyelashes 'rest', I decided to remove my extensions.
Removing the extensions took around half an hour as the therapist would apply some 'jelly-like' eyelash removing substance on my eyelids before proceeding to remove them. There was no pain although it felt like someone was tugging my eyelashes from time to time. My therapist Yan (from Bugis branch) was extremely gentle and she reassured me that my natural lashes was intact (Thank God! haha) 
As you can see, the extensions didnt harm my natural lashes in any way and they looked pretty much the same as before although I reckon it was mainly due to the fact that I didn't have the extensions for a very long time. 
Tips for Eyelash Extensions 
- Always do you research
Check out the styles and know what lash look you prefer. Eg Single lash or cluster, Winged look with longer lashes at the ends or a center long lash Dolly look.
- Try not to wear any eye makeup when you head for your appointment
Its easier for the therapist to do the procedure without trying to remove any eyeliner or eyelash glue and reducing the chance of causing any skin irritation before you start. 
- If you feel any irritation or eye stinging at any time during the procedure, do speak up.
Everyone is different, and your eyes are most important so dun feel embarrassed or shy if you feel any pain. There should not be any sharp pain or burning sensation. Mild discomfort might be expected from the glue or some the feel of the lashes might need getting used to, but there should be no pain throughout the process.
- Don't get your extensions wet within 48 hours 
Of coz you can shower, but try not to keep your extensions soaked in water eg in sauna or swimming. I went for a non-hot yoga class the next day so exercise is still fine, but try to allow time for the glue to totally settle and dry.
- Resist the urge to pull or drag your lashes 
Yes they might feel abit hard or prickly soon after the extensions, but please dun pull them or tamper with them. If its extremely uncomfortable, go back to the salon and let your therapist take a look at it. Milly's provide a week of free touch up in any case.
- Do not use Oil or oil-based products with eyelash extensions
Oil or glycerin products tend to 'loosen' the glue and shorten their lifespan. I prefer to use a water-based makeup remover (Wipes are great too) and non-creamy (eg milk or cream-based) facial wash during this time.
- Try not to use mascara or heavy duty eye makeup eg waterproof eyeliners
I try to keep it simple so I dun keep using makeup remover on my extensions. With extensions, heavy eye makeup is really quite redundant as they look great on its own already. And please do not use eyelash curlers as it might break the adhesive bond of the lashes.
- Be gentle after the shower and while sleeping
Please resist all the urge to rub or sleep on your lashes in case they mis-shape. Just take extra caution when you dry your face by patting your lashes dry with a soft towel.
-Have fun!
Forget that they are there and enjoy your lashes! 
They are really a breeze to maintain after you get used to it in a couple of days :)
Hope you enjoy this post and do let me know if you have any questions!
Take care dear all!
Off for dinner xoxoxoxo
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  1. Very nice, Elaine! Eyelash extensions look good on you. Did you do it again? I love eyelash extensions and I wish they’re permanent. It’s a misconception that they could harm your natural eye lashes, but as long as you’re gentle and know how to maintain it, eyelash extensions are fab to keep. =)Julie @

  2. Hi Elaine,

    Your post is so detail from the homework till the removal!
    I did once before in KL and it was not so nice as expected. However, after the touch up it looks nicer. Still, i removed them after 4-5 weeks as some drop and loosen.
    myself still prefer fake eyelashes from shu uemura :)

  3. AmmmaZZZZing Blog
    thank you for posting.
    Good luck :)

  4. I just did cluster lash extensions last night but they feel so uncomfortable, especially during shower when I shut my eyes tight, the lashes cause severe discomfort to my eyelids. Thinking of removing them asap but such a waste of money :(

  5. Hi Peipeipeipei!
    Its normal to feel uncomfortable and even some tightness if its ur first time! Dun worry about it and if u can tahan, try to tahan for at least 2-3 days coz the extensions will loosen alittle by then. I do realize that tight extensions tend to last longer on me (they dun drop as fast) but if u feel any pain, excessive tearing or extreme discomfort, then pls remove them! If u did ur extensions at Millys, actually u can head back within a week for free touch-ups. :) Good luck and do keep me updated! :D

  6. I just did eyelash extension this morning at millys. My friends commented my eyes look swollen and I feel that too. Feels heavy and pokey.
    Is this normal? I'm worried because I have sensitive skin.

  7. Hi Joanne!
    Hows ur eyes?? Its not supposed to be swollen, some discomfort yes- but not swollen. Pls call the shop n have them take a look at it n perhaps remove it before ur skin gets worse! Keep me updated pls!!!

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