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Saturday, November 16, 2013

[Sponsored Review] Hello, November! Has time passed so quickly that now we're going into the second last month of the year? Time flies and its been a wonderful 4 months being an ambassador with my skincare sponsor - Purer Skin
As we approach the end of 2013, one of my favorite makeup trends this year is the 'No Makeup, Natural Dewy Skin Look'! With its popularity stemming largely from these Korean doe-eye beauties, can you recognize any of them?
My ultimate favorite original Korean beauty - Song Hye Kyo! 
Im not sure if you have seen her shows but my first Korean drama was 'Full House', -starring Song Hye Kyo and Korean megastar Rain. - is one of the most romantic and comical story that has me in both laughter and tears at the same time. I still regard that show as one of the best romantic dramas and it was from then when I admired how natural looking these Korean actresses's makeup skills were! 
In the recent years as we catch the Korean wave - one of the most recognizable looks is the “no-makeup, barely there natural look” that shouts 'natural beauty'. However, the sad thing is that not everybody will be able to carry off this trend because you need to have clear, flawless skin that glows from within. Which is exactly why I am adamant about treating your skin at the most basic level before you attempt to pile on makeup hoping to cover your flaws.
The Purer Skin Promise 
Luckily, with Purer Skin, flawless skin is just a Purer Symphony away! 
I've been trying to attain better skin so that I can use lesser makeup and I realized that its such a vicious cycle! If you have bad skin, you tend to pile on makeup and if you have makeup on for long hours, how do you get good skin? After all, skin needs to 'breathe' and by applying too much makeup, it inevitably lead to clogged pores and breakouts.
Tips for Better Skin
1. Make sure that you remove all traces of makeup by double cleansing with a non-harsh cleanser that will not dry out your skin further.
I personally use a water-based makeup remover (and that includes removing sunscreen with makeup remover) and double-cleansing with my Purer Skin Creme Cleanser after. 
The Purer Skin Creme Cleanser works effectively to remove any residue makeup and the gentle luxurious foam retains vital moisture without harsh chemicals.
2. Use a good toner to remove all traces of makeup and prep skin with hydration before applying other skincare products. 
How I was wrong in the past! 
I never knew how important toners were until I realized that they are the best way to prep skin and balance delicate pH levels before you apply other skincare products. One word of caution though, do not use any toner that contains irritating ingredients - such as alcohol, strong fragrances, or filled with parabens as they tend to irritate skin. 
Use a cotton pad and generously spritz the Purer Skin Clarifying Toner on cotton before wiping it on face after wash. You will remove dead skin cells and gently exfoliate skin. 
3. If you regularly mask at home (Good for you!), try adding a serum before your night mask to increase masking efficiency.
As with most skincare products, always wait for at least 1-2 minutes for the serum to be fully absorbed by skin before applying other skincare items after.
I also use the Purer Skin Miracle Serum on my targeted areas, like my eye area.
Now Im beginning to start using the serum on my neck too!
4.  By placing the Purer Skin Night recovery in the fridge, you can also use as a Rescue mask if you were under the hot sun all day, or during a beach outing, or if you regularly sleep in air-con. 
Tip : If at any time that you feel that your skin feels dry, try applying a thin layer of Night Recovery, leaving it on for 5 mins and then removing it for an additional moisture boost.
Do not rub skincare on your face, use gentle patting motions til product is fully absorbed.
Hope you like my 4 short but helpful tips to attain pretty skin!
Never forget to drink lotsa water, avoid smoking, fast food and remember to exercise regularly for optimum skin health!
Most skincare products take anything from 28 days to a month to start seeing benefits, so please do be patient! I have been personally trying out these tips for at least 3 months and I am pleased to be seeing some results :) 
All pictures here have not be edited in any way. (except for adding words)
Most importantly, I hope to stay true to my 'Natural, No Makeup Look' rule by skipping foundation and using sunscreen religiously! 
For a Flawless, Simple Look - I now use :
- Only Sunscreen, no concealor or foundation
- Mineral Powder for a soft look
- Brown Eyeliner to gently enhance eyes
Thanks for looking!
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