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Sunday, December 01, 2013

[Pics] Hello everyone and hello, December.
Sorry for being away as it was a flurry of activities recently and with the house undergoing minor renovations at the moment, I'll still trying to catch my breath! But most importantly .. yes.
I just turned 31.
A small recap of my birthday week in pictures. 
Birthday nails by my trusty manicurist Corine from Milly's (Bugis) 
Everything is hand-painted and this is a gelish set that would cost $70. 
Refreshed my hair color at Essensuals Bugis and when I asked salon director my stylist Bryan what color was this .. he can tell me its called 'Lao Sai Green'!!! *ahahhahah!*
My first surprised Birthday cake from my dear secondary school friends!
We met up for dinner and they secretly bought a cake for me! Super surprised coz it was still more than a week away from my actual birthday so Im so #grateful for them for remembering! I also wanna commend the really nice peeps of Starbucks Raffles City coz they were too kind~! Although they sell cakes, they graciously allowed me to cut my cake (from Awfully Chocolate somemore lol) and lighted my candles for me! I appreciate how flexible they are and it made my day. Thank you!
Birthday Dinner with girlfriends
Had a small early birthday celebration at Shuu Ka Shu Kou 
Shared the birthday cake with Pauline, whose birthday is one day after me!
(Happy birthday today, girl!)
Two birthday girls!
A close-up of the My Little Pony Rainbow cake to match my nails!
And a Japanese sashimi cake from the restaurant! 
My lovely girls! xo
Second round of drinks and Shisha in Arab Street!
Our 'largest' serving of Sex on the Beach, ever!
Lovely night with the babes!
Weekend Dinner at Tews House
Thanks Diane & Gerald for the delicious mala pot with friends!
And another surprise birthday cake! 
Lanaaaaa cake~! Anybody remember them?
With the girls! Thank you for secretly turning off the lights and suddenly singing Happy Birthday to me! (I thought the lights were off so that we can watch TV hahahaha)
A quick catch up lunch with my friends Verlyn and Herine, ending with cake and coffee treat at Paris Baguette! Was a lovely rainy afternoon with wonderful conversation and laughter!
Thanks Herine for accompanying me to (finally) get my camera skin done at Tampines! Loving my new floral wrap on my TR-15 and also thank you my dear Maggie for your pressie! Im hanging the Hello Kitty charm on my camera so I can see it everyday :D
Out with my new GoldenLane clutch bag (pressie from the girls) and off to my birthday dinner with my close friends!
Thanks Vincent, Khine and Cheryl for the delicious dinner and fun time in Le Restaurant!
I really like the food there! Yummy yummy ~
Thank you my love Cheryl for organizing the dinner! Love uuuuu 
My Birthday Dinner with my parents
A casual dinner on rainy evening with hubby and my wonderful parents!
Without them, there's no me. 
Dinner at Teppei 
Had my birthday dinner coincide with our monthly Omakase at Teppei with friends!
My favorite Sashimi rice. A must-try if you ever pop by for dinner.
With my besties! 
So glad that both of them were there to count down with me on this special day! Love u two forever (No matter how irritating you two can be)
Time to buy 4D coz Shortie wasnt sick on my birthday for once and thank u for being there although u damn ma fan dun eat 90% of what was on the menu. Zzzz
Drinks after dinner
And another surprise homemade birthday cake!
Thank you to Stones for my chocolate marshmallow fudge cake! I know Jiaxin dun bake but she baked this for me!!! And its a sweet (hahaha as in literally cake was fudge sweet) way for me to turn 31 on Saturday!
Surprise Staycation at the Westin Singapore 
We are too busy (with the mini house renovations and with work) for a proper getaway so Im grateful that my hubby booked a short stay ~ for just the two of us!
Checked out CBD during our stay
Westin sent bubbly over!
Breakfast Bubbly in bed
Checked out the next day and this is what happens when I dun have space for luggage (Sorry Pooh Bear)
And then I came home to my sweet Lesbo's surprise flowers!
I miss you Lesbo, and I'l see u soon for dinner & drinks! #throwback #repost #lesbolover
Ended my birthday with dinner of my choice - Arh Orh restaurant! #ComfortFood
And this marks the beginning of going into my 30s.
Thank you for dropping by and silently supporting this space of mine. I love jotting down these wonderful memories and remembering all the love and fun that I had. As I look back at my archives, Im constantly grateful for having my family and friends with me throughout my journey. Each day is a new beginning and Im excited to see what the future holds. Every new post is my favorite post and Im mostly thankful how people bother to come and read all the nonsense that I write or look at the rubbish pictures that I take. Turning 31 is a huge milestone for me as I get into another decade of my life. If you asked me ten years ago if I'll be happy today, - I never thought that I'll be happier now as I grow older but experience is something you cannot learn from others, - you can only learn it by yourself.
Cheers to age. 
After all, you're only as old as you feel.
Lastly, thank you to those who wished me on Facebook, or left msgs/tags/comments here, in Twitter and Instagram, my heartfelt thanks to you. Thank you for sparing the time just to wish me a happy birthday even though we might be strangers, who have never see each other in real life. 
Nevertheless, I thank you.
And to my friends who constantly "dates" me out for meals, who sends me msgs just to talk to me, or who jio-ed me out for a quick catch-up just to pass me a birthday present, I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.
You know who you are.
To the love of my life - my wonderful husband, 
No words can express how much I love you.
Signing off with this wonderful quote :
And a song that touched me deeply at church this morning.
Thank you my Father in Heaven for everything that you have given me and I pray that you keep my family and friends safe and happy. All Glory to be given to God. Amen.
For you alone deserve all glory
For you alone deserve all praise
Father we worship and adore you
Father we long to see your face
For you alone deserve all glory
For you alone deserve all praise
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(Tags and emails to be replied soon. Thanks! xoxoxo)

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