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Sunday, February 09, 2014

[RF Facial with BABOR Signature Modelage Mask Review + Pictures] Hello everyone! About two weeks ago in preparation for the Chinese New Year, I embarked on a small mission - to get my face all set and glowy to welcome the lunar new year! I had previously did my eyebrow embroidery the month before and since that was pretty much all healed, I wanted to do a nice pampering facial to brighten and cleanse my skin with a good, relaxing head and shoulder massage at the same time.
Skin Background : Here's a look at my makeup-free (no picture edit) face before I headed down to my facial appointment. Although I have relatively alright skin, I battle with blackheads, fine lines and some old pimple scarring. Turning 30 (plus) is kinda scary.. so I better make sure I take good care of my skin!
Mi Cara My Face 
Mi Cara My Face is a relaxing beauty salon conveniently located in downtown Singapore, where they offer you peace and tranquility while being treated. Therapists are equipped with 20 over years of experience in beauty and health and Mi Cara My Face believes in providing the best service, quality and professionalism for their customers.
When Mi Cara My Face offered to let me try their RF Facial with BABOR Signature Modelage Mask, I was more than glad to do so! Radio Frequency, or more commonly known as RF, is a non-invasive facial rejuvenation treatment or procedure that stimulates the body's own regenerative process of building new skin and tighten the skin.
How does RF (Radio Frequency) help?
 With this procedure, radio waves penetrate the outer skin layers and deliver heat energy to the muscles and tissues beneath. This heat stimulates collagen production, and that, in turn, triggers tissue contraction. The overall result is tighter, brighter skin and a significant reduction in saggy skin and wrinkles. Results are immediate.
I had an early appointment that lovely afternoon and as I stepped into Mi Cara My Facial, Manager Lucia Wang welcomed me warmly with a cup of tea and took a good look at my skin once again. The salon felt cozy and is extremely neat. As I took a short walk around the salon, I also realized that their treatment rooms are notably private, with a single bed in each room for one customer at a time. This is important to be as the last thing that I like is to share a room with a complete stranger! However, for couples or friends who would like to have their facials/massages together, Mi Cara My Face also has a bigger room with two beds to accommodate couples.
Mi Cara My Face uses only the BABOR range of products from Germany for all their treatments. Founded by renowned biochemist Dr. Michael Babor in 1956, the company has been steadfastly focused on innovation and has established itself as a true pioneer in the field of professional skincare.
All BABOR products and treatments achieve the highest level of efficacy and performance - for a visibly improved, lasting, healthy skin tone. Many of the select active and other ingredients are from the natural world of plants, and are obtained from fair-trade sources and organically grown. Each product is a consistent symbol of “Beauty, Made in Germany”. In addition, BABOR products are also used in reputable airlines for their first class passengers.
 My therapist for the day is Yvonne and her quiet but friendly disposition made me feel very much at ease. As Yvonne showed me to the treatment room, she beckoned for me to remove my jewelry , change out of my clothes and into a pink robe provided on the treatment bed. There was a small cupboard in the room for my bag and belongings, too.
Here's me before my facial! Yvonne takes a quick look at my skin and accurately diagnoses most of my skin problems, including pointing out that my skin is dehydrated on the outside and oily around my T-zone. She also states that my skin is slightly dull, so she would be doing a BABOR Enzyme Peel to brighten my skin tone and lighten my pimple scars. 
Can't wait!
RF Facial with BABOR Signature Modelage Mask Treatment
I'll be walking you through most of my facial and I'll try my best to explain what my therapist Yvonne was doing during my treatment. However, I did doze off a little during the process as I was too comfortable! If you are unsure of any of the pictures/steps shown here, do feel free to email or leave a comment. :)
1. Removal of sunscreen and makeup with BABOR Mild Cleansing Milk
2. Double cleanse with BABOR Mild Cleansing Foam
Although I only arrived at the salon with sunscreen, Yvonne states the importance of proper sunscreen removal with a Mild Cleansing Milk, followed by double cleansing with a Mild Cleansing Foam.
3. Exfoliation with BABOR Enzyme Peeling
To improve dull skin, exfoliation is needed to remove dead skin cells while brightening skin tone. The BABOR Enzyme Peeling felt gentle on my skin, without leaving it feeling tight or abrasive.
4. Extraction of impurities
With the BABOR Enzyme Peeling cream on my face, Yvonne covers my eyes and I relax under the steam for 5-7 mins.
Yvonne then proceeds to remove the cream and does extraction which is usually the highlight of my facial sessions! Blackheads are the bane of my life and I hated seeing them in the mirror! However, Im not skilled enough to remove them properly and I always end up with angry red marks. Which is exactly why I need a FACIAL! A properly trained therapist will extract blackheads/whiteheads/pimples skillfully with minimum redness and scarring. In fact, they should not aggravate current skin conditions by being overly zealous during the extraction process. 
Thankfully Yvonne has years of experience, thus ensuring that my extraction process was done in a skillful manner with almost little/no pain. (More pics later)
5. Soothing and balancing the skin's PH with BABOR Rose Toning Lotion
6. RF Lifting Treatment: worked on the whole face for an Instant Lifting Effect.
Right after my face is clean and impurity-free, its time for my RF (Radio Frequency) treatment! There was a machine in the room specially for this treatment and my face was prepped with a special RF cream in advance. As RF uses radio wave currents that penetrate deep into the dermis, it was advised that I must put away all metal objects (including my camera!) and have a metal plate under my shoulder, kept in contact with my skin at all times.
The RF Treatment was done on one side of my face for demonstration purposes and to witness the effect for myself. My therapist applied RF to my face in a circular and upward motion and it was not painful or anything. I felt a warm sensation throughout the RF session and Yvonne kept checking if I was able to cope withe the heat. In fact, it felt rather comfortable so there was no issues on it at all.
AFTER (One Side RF Treatment)
My skin had a pink glow (due to heat) and I did find that my eyes especially felt lifted! My cheeks were noticeably firmer and I had lesser water retention on one side. Can you tell?
7. Penetration of active ingredients: BABOR Collagen Booster Beauty Fluid
After my RF Treatment, Yvonne used the BABOR Collagen Booster Beauty Fluid - a concentrated moisture-boosting serum to replenish vital collagen for my dehydrated (and aging! LOL) skin.
8. Enhancing and Pro-longing the lifting effect with an invigorating massage
with BABOR HSR (High Skin Resistance LIfting) Extra Firming Face Cream.
9. Relaxing shoulder massage with BABOR Lavender Massage oil
This was the part where I dozed off! After the RF Treatment, my skin felt so tingly and warm, and when Yvonne placed her hands on my face and shoulders for a massage.. I promptly fell asleep! Her skillful hands and the scent of Lavender made me drift in and out of consciousness~ 
The last step of my Treatment
10. BABOR Signature Modelage Mask (Below)
Oooooo~ This was one thing that I have NEVER seen before! 
The BABOR Signature Modelage Mask is a mask wrap using a Gauze-like material to apply on skin firmly for the whole face. It was like wrapping a mummy! My face was being mummified! While locking in all the goodness from the mask and previous RF Treatment! 
The mask started to harden but soon ... I was asleep once again! Ooops haha!
Immediately After 
Before I know it, Yvonne woke me up gently to signal the end of the facial and she removed my mask simply by peeling it and lifting it off! I kept laughing at my 'face mould'! 
Last but not least, my treatment ended with my therapist applying BABOR Rose Toning Lotion, BABOR HSR Lifting Eye Cream, BABOR HSR Lifting Face Cream and BABOR Suncare SPF 30.
And Im DONE!
The treatment took around 2 and half hours in total so I was quite peckish by the time I left the salon. The good thing about Duxton is that they have sooo many cafes and restaurants along the quaint shophouses! 
I took these pictures (ZERO EDIT) under sunlight right after the facial while waiting for my coffee and I'm so pleasantly surprised how there was hardly any red marks from my extraction!
Infact, I didnt even need to use any tinted moisturizer after my facial! 
Back home.
Overall Review : Although this was a sponsored treatment, I have to say that I was suitably impressed with how my skin looked right after the facial. I would usually have some angry red marks after each and every extraction as my skin can get a little sensitive and I dun usually arrange outings after due to the redness as I wouldn't use makeup after facial for at least 24 hours. But with the Mi Cara My Face RF Facial with BABOR Signature Modelage Mask treatment, I felt perfectly confident walking out of the salon and even to lunch. The treatment was very well-executed and I felt assured in the hands of my experienced therapist, Yvonne. Most importantly, she did not talk excessively - leaving me to feel  relaxed and able to enjoy my facial thoroughly. The RF Treatment also lifted and tone my (chubby) cheeks and sides of my face and this effect easily lasted for around 1 and a half weeks. For a longer lasting effect, I was advised to have more frequent RF treatments to improve skin laxity and accelerate collagen production. I recommend this treatment for people who would like to tighten and improve skin elasticity without going through surgery. For best results, enjoy the Mi Cara My Face RF Facial with BABOR Signature Modelage Mask treatment before the festive season or before an important event to look your best without having to go through any downtime. 
Picture above taken off my instagram and I had friends asking me where I did my facial! Im sorry if I didnt say it then as I usually would wait for a couple of days to see how my skin reacts to a treatment/product before writing about it. 
So far, my skin looks and feels great after the treatment so I wanna say a huge Thank you to Mi Cara My Face for their kind invitation and opportunity to try RF out. Once again, although this was a sponsored treatment, all comments and thoughts are mine and pictures dun lie! Hope you enjoyed this post and if you would like to try out the Mi Cara My Face RF Facial with BABOR Signature Modelage Mask, there's a special promo right now exclusively for you til end of March 2014.
Simply quote 'Blogger Elaine73' to enjoy the same treatment that I did only at S$88 (Usual Price $288) for your FIRST TRIAL! And if you enjoyed it, there's a 3 sessions package at only $108 each (Total $324) which means = a savings of $540 in total! No hidden costs or hard-selling! Not only do you enjoy savings, readers get an additional FREE RF EYE TREATMENT each time!
Mi Cara My Face is located at :
57 Duxton Road, Singapore 089521
Telephone: +65 6327 3373
Fax: +65 6222 3345
E-mail: info@micaramyface.com
Take care, everyone!
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