Christmas Dinner at Brussels Sprouts

Monday, March 03, 2014

[Throwback] I love meeting up with my girlfriends for a night of un-censored fun and gossip without our husbands! The things we say are truly LOL moments and sometimes we laugh so loudly I think the people around us stare at us a little. 
My dearest 38 sisters - Viv and Cel! 
Brussels Sprouts Big Splash East Coast
"Belgian authenticity reigns supreme with a wide selection of superb culinary fare that ranges from Rollmops, Grey Shrimp Croquettes, Mussels in more than 15 preparations and a variety of Belgian Desserts. All these to be accompanied by an unbeatable choice of Belgian Beers from a stupendous 180 labels."
We kicked off the night with mandatory BUBBLY!
Must drink~!
Bottoms up!
We love chilling out and wanted somewhere with easy parking that evening for our dinner date. Brussels Sprouts was a good option for those who stay in the east, without travelling too far. In addition, they have Happy Hour til 8pm every day! Yay!
The Food :
SALADE ESTIVALE marinated and grilled summer vegetable salad with choice of tiger prawns
PORTOBELLO GRILLES grilled portobello mushrooms with tarragon butter
CHAMPIGNONS FARCIS baked mushrooms with escargot and tarragon butter
AILES DE POULET belgian-style marinated chicken wings
I liked this! They were fried to a perfect crisp!
The one thing that you must have here is the MOULES & PALOURDE FRITES - MARINIERE (onion, parsley, butter, celery, leek, white wine, cream) Mussels with French Fries!
The mussels were fresh and tasty, with the light cream sauce that complemented the seafood so well! We added clams to our pot and the fries were free-flow with every pot!
Soon time flew quickly and we almost forgot to exchange our Christmas pressies!!! 
We kept reminding sister Cel to bring hers coz she totally forgot to put them in her car last year! It was hilarious! She felt so bad she actually came to my place specially to drop them off! LOL!
Too sweet - thank uuuuu!
And as usual.. girls being girls ..... we excitedly open our presents!
Thank you my loves!
Ended the night with desserts! 
The CREPE A LA BANANE crepe with banana, butterscotch sauce and vanilla ice-cream was quite good, except that the crepe was slightly too thin and portions a tad small for the price. But still delicious. On the other hand, the FONDANT AU CHOCOLAT molten belgian chocolate cake with vanilla ice-cream was sorely disappointing with a non-flowly center molten and the cake was slightly dry. Ice-cream was yummy, though! And there was a generous sprinkling of almonds which I love!
It was a lovely evening spending it with my funny girl friends! 
(And we were all coincidentally dressed in black too!)
Food was actually quite good with a variety of side dishes but only come here if you like seafood as the mussels are a real must-try (the prices here tend to be on the mid-high range, fries are free-flow though!) but what we really liked was the affable service from all the staff at Brussels Sprouts! They readily filled our glasses with bubbly and gave us (alot of!) water the whole time too! Food was prompt and never once did we feel rushed to finish our food even when we sat there for many hours ~ lol! We took so many selfie-pictures there until the kind male waiter kept offering to help us take pictures instead! So okay looor! Hahahah! Thank u for the fun service!
Love my girls! We talk on Whatsapp group chat all the time and we still have so much to talk about whenever we meet! :D
Found this picture from last year's Christmas exchange! 
Thanks for dropping by guys! xo
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  1. Hi Elaine, i absolutely love your blog and been enjoying it for a while but i don't think i've ever left a message. I love reading about your travel and girly meet ups (i'm glad there are lots of other who think it's important to have girly time out after they got married and not stay glued to their spouses' side!) and you especially inspired me to keep doing yoga (coz i want to be as fit as you!)

    Mindy (

  2. Awww such a sweet message! U made my day! Thk you for ur sweet support lovely! :D


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