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Saturday, May 17, 2014

[Nails Pics + Video] Hi guys! In between working on my other posts.. I decided to play n do a video with some of my recent video clips getting new nails done at Milly's! Haha! (Expect a short video later lol) I dunno why.. but one fine day, I just wanted to change my nail design.. and nail shape!
Which nail shape are you?
There's so many kinds of nail shapes now but which is your favorite?
I alternate between SQUARE (classic) and OVAL (trendy) usually, as its the most low maintenance and flattering for my short & chubby fingers! 
Whats your shape? 
*pic credits : here
And I've been looking online for Ombré inspirations as I really like how they look! Ombré is everywhere now .. in nails, cakes, clothes and even hair!
Ombré is a blend between two (or more) colors and its a shaded or graduated in tone.
Nails at Millys 
Getting ready to change design!
A short video on my Ombré Nails at Millys! Hope u enjoy it!
Before (See previous post here :
But this time round, Im doing ACRYLIC instead of GELISH :)
Clean nails 
Choosing design and nail shape with my manicurist Corine
Adding on extensions
Scary anot! LOLOLOLOL 
Trimmed, filed and doing acrylic extension overlay 
Painting with gelish colors for the Ombré design

Super LOVING my ultra-long nails! I know its soooo crazily high maintenance with the length but its so fun and definitely something out of my comfort zone! I told myself.. just this once! Hahaha actually its surprisingly easy to do stuff with it! I still write, type, clean and yoga keke...

Hope u have a great weekend, guys! 
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p/s Working on my Korea post next! 
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