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Thursday, September 25, 2014

[Personal] Hi everyone! Wowww what a hiatus it has been! 
3 weeks+ and counting since I last updated?? Say whattt?? 
I never realized that I've been away for sooo long.. OMG!
Hahah! Oopsss.
Actually I've been away since my last update, coz I went to Seoul for a while andddd boy, was it fun!!!!
Snippets from Seoul

We were planning an all-girls trip for the longest time and Im so glad that we finally managed to do it! The first thing we did when we touched down was to go for some Korean BBQ!
Ate wayyy too much!
The next day we all headed to  Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market for some fresh seafood! Just look at the types of choices we had! All alive and swimmingggggg!
Best buy of the day! Alaskan crab with all its roe in full glory!!! *drools*
More fabulous BBQ beef at one of my favorite haunts - Bong pi yang
We also met up with our Korean friends for a nice dinner and had lotsa soju and fun talking to them
Had to go for Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup! 
The girls and I spent the day in Hongdae shopping and it was fun and fabulous! Hot yes.. crowded too.. but really, a great place to walk around abit
We also popped by the Gentle Monster showroom cum store and I love all the sunnies there!!!!
Ended our trip with fun, laughter and street snacks!!! 
And then this was me .......
But Im actually now currently in Melbourne with my hubby and we'll be here for alittle while longer!
Thank you all soooo soooo much for dropping by even though I haven been updating in a while.. 
Bear with me for a bit.. I promise that I'll be back with more (personal) posts soon!
Im currently extremely excited to be moving in a different direction now. To be frank, as much as I love doing beauty reviews, I wanted a little more ... hmm personal input I guess? My year as a Samplestore editor has been nothing but wonderful and I really thank the peeps behind Samplestore for giving me the wonderful opportunity for trying out all the beauty brands and reviewing them. Never knew people actually read what I think..! LOL
This time round, Im gonna focus on more personal posts .. I've taken the time off from doing beauty adverts and reviews and just soaking up life in general. I like how Im currently not bound by datelines or clients and although thats the name of the game now - I realize its getting a little tiresome. I started this blog as a way to immortalize memories.. I just want to put something here that I would like to look back and remember fondly :)  
But then again .. beauty has always been a part of my life so Im not discounting the fact that I will be reviews from time to time. I mean, if I like what I use.. I'll share it! 
Hehe.. anyways once again I digress. :p
Before I go .. I also want to also share my NEW video that's up on the BlackBox Youtube Channel!
Watch the video and leave a comment on your favorite dish to win! 
The Anyone Can Cook show from has been such a source of fun for me! Its very different from the beauty videos/reviews that I have previously been doing and I love how its shows a different side of how domestic-goddess-wannabe I really am! Hahaha! 
So .. I hope u enjoy the video! Take care and its getting late in Melbourne (sucks being ahead of Singapore time coz I have to wake up soo early else all the shops close liao!) Am heading out for brunch so ta-ta! Back soon xo
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  1. Hi,How was Seoul?will you be blogging about the trip ?
    - @Sherlynkoe

  2. Hi Sherlynkoe, sadly no :( coz I wanted to enjoy myself and didnt take much pics this time round :/
    U can refer to my previous Seould trip from dec thou!


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