The Great Instagram Clean-Up

Monday, December 22, 2014

[Thoughts] So unless you have been a) hiding under a hole, b) totally oblivious to social media, c) same age as my mother, d) all of the above - perhaps the most discussed topic trending on twitter/ Facebook/ private bitching sessions on Whatsapp should be the recent Instagram Purge
As a blogger with an active Instagram account, its not uncommon to have friends and follow bloggers compare Instagram followers since PR companies and many marketers tend to look at these 'numbers' before deciding on who to engage. With a high number of followers and likes, the said blogger/Instagrammer might get noticed and in turn, result in sponsorships and paid advertorials. 
If you already have a strong following - Good for you.
But what do many new, or unknown Instagrammers do to get a considerable amount of followers/likes in a short time? 
You just need thick-skin (to deny that you buy followers) and money. 
Yeah, like real. LOL.
Example of Instagram Bot Buying Frenzy : Source and pic from here 
Personally I have never entertained the thought of buying bots for likes and followers coz they are sooooo OBVIOUS! And why should I spend hard-earned money on something like that?? I'll just be lying to myself and wasting my money. I really cant imagine someone telling me.. "Your followers.. BUY one arh??" #nofuckingway #notsofree 
 Moreover, these "bought" profiles tend to have little pictures in their accounts, or are from foreign countries (like USA, Russia, Timbuktu or India) which doesnt make sense if you are a local heartland girl posting pictures of chicken rice, for example. Im not saying that people from other countries couldn't like your act-cute posing with a pink polka dot Hello Kitty plushie, but if you have hundreds of likes from weird profiles for that picture then something has to be very wrong, no?
So I applaud Instagram for acting on this swiftly enough. The accounts that have been deleted are those which post links and spam - particularly bot accounts. Bots with empty profiles take up space and by getting rid of such accounts free up user-names, get rid of spam links and improve the experience for the genuine user.
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I can just imagine the look when they check how many instagram followers they lost .........
Its not surprising if you lose some followers but if you lose more than half of your original number or an audaciously huge amount then hmmmmmm.. Your guess is as good as mine. 
Anyway. I usually can't be bothered to judge people who buy them coz its seriously not worth getting upset over things like that. If the PR company decides to believe those numbers, then what can I say? As long as I know that people around me dun do such things, or that I can keep my head up high and say,"Yes.. my numbers are low. But at least they are REAL lah." 
At the end of day .. dun think people dunno you buy followers or likes. 
Want to say or not only.
I would rather be liked in real life so yeah! :D
Hahaha sorry for the bo liao post. 
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