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Monday, February 16, 2015

[Personal] Hi guys! Its the week of Chinese New Year and the countdown begins as I go into full-term :) It was a beautiful sunny day yesterday after church so the hubby and I decided to go for a quick dip in the pool! And then he decided to capture some fun pictures of me underwater (using his Gopro) ~ it was quite hilarious trying to stay afloat with a big belly but yeah! Just one personal picture to share during this #pregnancyjourney! Have my weekly gynae appointment later so will be back soon! Hope everyone have a great week with Chinese New Year celebrations! 
p.s Do you know or have any pregnancy taboos that you heard from your elders or older folks? Am trying to find out about more common (or uncommon!) Asian myths so do share with me k! :D
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  1. wow. thats fast. i am at 27 weeks now. some of the taboo is like
    1. cannot drink orange juice else baby got phlegm
    2. cannot eat frog legs but i dont know what will happen. my mum refused to tell me
    3. dogs fur will cause the baby to get asthma (but i read internet that there is no such thing)

  2. Cannot sew or cut on the bed.. which I had no idea I did a cross stitch for my #1 on my bed the entire time during my 1st trimester. Thankfully he turned out fine. Not sure what's the reason but they say cleft lips? Many things depends on individual.. I don't really believe in them but I practise it as a precaution coz u can't be too careful or kiasu for my case!

    Full term already. Baby will come anytime now, jia you!! Pple say first time mum will deliver earlier than edd but not true in my case.. my baby nearly went overdue. Enjoy last few moments of well rested nights!

  3. Your pict is so nice!! It's very creative!! Don't think I can bend like that... hahaha. I might have a backache.. forever..

  4. Hi Shirley!
    Haaaa wah lau that frog legs I heard before but also nobody can tell me WHY!!! Maybe if nt baby will jump jump alot? hahaha!

    Lady-in-waiting hello! Yesss got ppl tell me cannot cut things on bed too! So troublesome lor hahah I got to stand and cut zzz. And yes! Anytime soon but hopefully after CNY coz I wan to jiak ho liao first!!! Kekeke

    Hi dear Ely! How r u feeling too! Hahhah I do alot of yoga mah.. this one sup sup water *lame* :p


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