Glutinous Rice Suckling Pig at Imperial Treasure

Sunday, July 19, 2015

[Personal] I think the title says it all LOL! So last night we had a small gathering for suckling pig! Years ago we did the same but we were all in Hongkong~~ fast forward to 3 years later, with babies now so we can't just drop everything and go on holiday anymore so we just have to settle for dinner locally I guess! Haa! 
Glutinous Rice Suckling Pig Dinner
Before I show u suckling pig... Show u little piggy first! 
Looking at his dad like,"你要带我去哪里?" (u wanna bring me go where?) 

Bring u go sell! Fry pork lard coz u so bui!
Baby : "..???" 
Not very impressed with me 
Always give me the sibeh sian look *sigh*
Baby wearing the cutest overalls, bought for him all the way from New York! Thank u Aunty Ivy! Love him in these (although getting abit small size liao even though its meant for 6-9 monthssss haizzz) 
Ask hubby to take pix, he hide behind his son lolllll 
Ok put u back in stroller ya
Got uncle auntie to babysit you today?
Waiting for mei mei to come! 
Hi Leia! 
Our babies are 1.5 months apart! Cant wait for playdates while we can go for kopi in futureeee. Okie.... finally the STAR of the night is here ya! 
I dieeeeeeeeee ~~~~ damn fattening I swear but the skin sooo sooo good! 
Think I ate til I can't move. And til my son no eye see.
Fun times! 
Our planned #TITW! (tula in the wild!)
And candid shots trying to get the two babies to pose together! 
Was a delicious night out though we had to rush home coz it was NDP rehersals and so many ppl turned up t MBS just to watch fireworks! We caught alittle while waiting for our car and it looked impressive! Think govt spending alot for this year's SG50 NDP ha! Ya la, if this year dun spend then when spend? :p 
Have a great start of the week! Tmr got ppl coming to service my aircon.. Sian. Weather too hot, think overuse until leaking. SIANNNNNNNN 
Back soon! xoxo 
PS Awww very sweet for those that left me msgs n emails saying that u guys are ok with my short updates n personal baby posts. U see, I realize that blogs these days look super impressive with all the beautiful SLR photos that look so professional. Got bokeh somemore. Unfortunately with baby now.. I dun even have time to take a proper shower (sometimes la, i still shower everyday k lol) let alone grab a camera to take photos haha! Iphone best la, very fast n convenient + can upload immediately to blog u noe. Haaa! Tell u my blog really becoming my "Dayre". Hee. Ok ok baby wake up liao. Got to go entertain my "boss". BYE! xo


















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  1. Hi, from my point of views such blogs are more interesting to read than those sponsored/ SLR pic blog which i will just scroll past without reading. a bit sceptical about such posts.

    btw, i am getting a tula, did you get it from the US or Europe website and is baby insert necessary?



  2. Hello Lei!
    This tula in this post is from US, I got it off Tula BST (Buy sell trade) FB page. I sourced for drool pads n reach straps seperately. U can get tula canvas off the US or Europe site if the design catches ur fancy (My Skipper canvas is from US site) However for semi, half or full WC (wrap conversions) u are better off searching in the reseller's market :)
    Tula website does WC stocking on alternate sundays (SG time monday 6am) but usually its FFF (Fastest fingers first) and very HSA (Highly sought after)
    Tulas are recommended for babies with good neck support amd at least 7kg and above. Else u need an infant insert. (Cons, might not have stock, hot if in non-aircon places) I would recommend waiting or getting a RS (ringsling) for very small babies til they grow into a Tula.
    My LO is nearly 9kg with good neck support so I did without an infant insert. (dun think he can fit into one lol)
    Anyways I can go on forever :p
    Might do up a Tula post one day but feel free to ask questions if u're unsure. Will b glad to help.
    U can join Tula Love (Intl fb page) or Singapore Tula Love FB for discussions and more info!

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Hi Elaine, join Dayre!!!! Very convenient :))))

  5. Hi hello kitty!
    Hahha I lazy to download another app and then later neglect my this already-sibeh-rusty blog :p

  6. congras on yr baby
    u never really show yr husband pic online i guess... but from baby face, can aga aga know hehe.

    baby has the $$$ look (but to be healthy is probably most impt for every parents) but guess next time everyone will tell him, yr mummy is sooo pretty!!!! he probably will listen until sian


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