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Thursday, July 30, 2015

[Personal] Today I decide to recuperate at home with baby after going out 2 days in a row! LOLLL! Man.. I tell u how tiring it is to lug everything out PLUS carry my little rice bag at 9kg the whole day. Sibeh chuan. 
The trying-to-say something look while doing morning tummy time. We headed out yesterday for a short meetup with my Eastside Mummy group! 
Took his yeye's pack of tissue paper to play in the car *faint* 

We didnt have the time to take more pictures but what a great meetup! We connected from a breastfeeding Facebook page (yes, all lactacting mothers here lol so plenty of NIPs during coffee where nobody will bat an eyelid ~ rofl) And I love how we all just talk about everything under the sun in the groupchat and the mummies even made effort to come out for a short while despite our busy lifestyles. Strangers to friends. :) 
Happy baby coz he slept a fair bit in his tula during the coffee session
Hubby came to pick us up for early dinner 
Check out fatty's face *close-up*
Hahahaha disturb only 
My favorite!!!!!!!! 
Baby continued sleeping during dinner 
When he woke up, I fed him (gosh he was so hungry!) - then the cute aunties in the restaurants cant wait to carry him around! 
Bring go lelong 好不好
While I thankfully finish dinner in peace and some quiet lol
Always Daddy's boy! 
On the way home.... Antics to distract baby but I guess it made me laugh more than anything! Hubby not impressed though :p 
Haha! Baby also laughing what! 
Hip hop parade 
Love disturbing baby la! So funny 
Okiesss tmr I shall start packing for our staycation.. I think Im going to bring ONE big bag to put all our stuff rather than 2 smaller bags and hand carry some. Looking forward to spending some family time and watching fireworks! 
Back soon xx 






















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