The Beauty Prologue Exclusive BlackBox Review

Friday, July 31, 2015

[Sponsored Review] Heya heya! With August, NDP and long weekend coming round the corner, we girls need some pampering head to toe! sent their Beauty Prologue Exclusive BlackBox and it was soooo packed to the brim with goodies! Can't wait to share this great deal with y'all!
The Beauty Prologue Exclusive BlackBox 
At a really, really SG50 pocket friendly price of S$12.90(Usual Price S$79.30)!!! Say whauuuut.

Let's sneak a peek!
ARE YOU SURE ITS S$12.90!!!!!!!!
I saw many great items!
Hand Chemistry Hyaluronic Concentrate (240ml) 
Delivers highly active, anti-ageing ingredients to all areas of the hands and body, ensuring the skin remains plump, hydrated and happy for longer. Retails at $48.90 for 240ml
When I first saw the bottle, I didnt realize that it was a moisturizer! The Hand Chemistry Hyaluronic Concentrate provides instant hydration to dry skin, like a serum! But unlike traditional creams, this is not sticky and I love how fast it was absorbed into my skin! Perfect for me coz I hate waxy feeling of heavy creams so I put this at my bedside and have been using this really often. 
Pearlie White Fluorinze Alcohol Free Fluoride Mouth Rinse (240ml)
Gentle and safe for everyday use, it freshens up your breath, destroys plaque-causing bacteria, relieves tooth sensitivity and strengthens your tooth enamel. This mouth rinse is enhanced with added ingredients like Tea Tree Oil and Thymol to help fight bacteria that causes bad breath, plaque and cavities. Free from harsh ingredients like SLS, Parabens and Saccharin. Retails at $4.20 for250ml
I paranoid about bad breath so the Pearlie White Fluorinze Alcohol Free Fluoride Mouth Rinse comes in handy after a meal for a quick rinse, and after my regular brushing session. Doesnt sting and leaves me feeling minty fresh!
TruLife Bird’s Nest with Rock Sugar 
100% Pure and Genuine Premium Bird's Nest. No colouring, preservatives and artificial flavouring added. TruLife Bird's Nest has great taste and texture. Retails at $45.80 for a box of 6 bottles
Was soooo yummy! I love birds nest and have been consuming birds nest regularly ever since I was preggy. The Trulife bird nest was totally delicious and best of all it wasnt cloyingly sweet. (Eww hate those sugared versions) The portion of birds nest was very generous too.
Uriage Thermal Water / Eau Thermale D’Uriage (50ml)
Enables to strengthen the skin barrier, preserves the balance of skin cells and prevents the dehydration of the epidermis. As it is Isotonic, it acts in perfect osmosis with the skin. Retails at  $15.90 for 50ml
A handy hydrating spray for our summer days! Will be bringing this out for my weekend beach outing over the long weekend! Do u know that regular use will help prevent skin from drying out especially coz we are always in air-conditioning?
Tsubaki Extra Moist Shampoo & Conditioner 
The Extra Moist range moisturises the hair and boosts up to 8 hours of lasting moisture with the long-acting hyaluronic acid. Also contains the brand’s signature ingredient, Tsubaki Koji S, to soften and moisturise both the hair and scalp. The Camellia Oil within helps to revitalize hair shine and gives a fresh floral scent. Retails at $16.90 for 500ml
I'ven used this in one of my previous reviews so I know how nice smelling they are! The fresh floral fragrance lingers on hair and the camellia oil extracts makes my dry hair feel really smooth. 
Mores White Booster Plus+ 
An intensive whitening and collagen booster using the latest Double Phytocell Technology and Nano total base system from Switzerland. It is suitable to be used either as a daily moisturizer or dark spot treatment booster for pigmentation individuals. With consistent usage, skin barrier will be strengthened, reducing acnes/pimples formation and revealing a more radiant and supple skin.
Retails at $59.50 for 30ml
 Mores 2 Eyes Sleeping Eye Mask 
A highly effective intense hydration eye mask that infuses the use of the newest premium ingredient, MDI Complex and highly concentrated botanical extracts. It best suits all individuals with lacklustre-looking eyes (dark eye circles, hooded and droopy eye-bags, dull, puffy, dry and sunken eye area) resulted from daily work stress, environmental pollutants and irregular sleeping pattern and diet. Also reduces fine lines and wrinkles especially for users on regular application of makeup. Retails at $52.50 for15ml
One of my star finds in a Blackbox! The Mores White Booster Plus+ has earned a permanent place on my bedside table coz it really did show results! I have dehydrated skin especially being in air-con all day long and unfortunately Im also sensitive to strong serums which can prove to be too rich for my skin. However the Mores White Booster Plus+ hydrated my skin nicely without feeling too rich, and t gave a nice glow with a slight whitening effect. I really like it! I use this at night on alternate nights with the Mores 2 Eyes Sleeping Eye Mask complementing my night time skincare regime. Simply apply and head to bed! Easy!
**I have been given the full-size products for a review, but these will be sample sizes in the Beauty Prologue Exclusive BlackBox.
I really find this Blackbox to be super worth the $12.90 pricetag! I mean, some of the items are FULL-SIZED products that are well-worth more! I also like how Blackbox thoughtfully puts different beauty items in one box and no product is repeated! Like sometimes you see 3 moisturizers in one sample box and nothing for say, hair. But with Blackbox, they always make sure that you get to try different products for different uses! Really cowabunga good!
If you would like to purchase the Beauty Prologue Exclusive BlackBox, simply head to and quote BBXSUGAR10 for 10% off all purchases! 
For more info, please head to :
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Thanks for looking!
Tomorrow I go staycation with hubby and baby! Really can't wait eh! xx
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