Becoming a Bridesmaid once again

Saturday, August 15, 2015

[Personal] Hello! Sorry for the lack of updates~ Im actually on the way to the doctor's. Arghhhz. I think I ate too much bak kwa and falling sick. Hate this feeling! Today we had a mini meetup with my old classmates coz Jennifer is getting married! YAY! And here's to bridesmaid duties~! 
I think this is their HQ cum warehouse where we get to try and pick dresses for the wedding 

Some accessories & dresses on display
Baby going.."Whaaat"
And one pic with the Bride!
Tried out acouple of head accessories.. bahahaha laugh die us
Think my son wouldnt be too pleased with these public pics years later... 
Oppss ahahah sorry baby! 
Back soon. Going to the clinic now! *sniff* xo ~ Leaving pic of my happy boy (pre-rose headgear..) from this morning! 










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