Day out at Suntec + Express Gelish Pedicure Session at Milly's

Monday, August 03, 2015

[Personal] Welcome to the National Day looong weekend! Woots! So the Lims (my family la lol) went on a short staycation on Saturday to catch fireworks! It was our first time with baby so naturally I was excited. Right before our stay, I had lunch with my good friend, Milly - and decided to have my pedicure done impromptu! Lol #Vain mah. U noe I how long never do nails???? *cry* 
Lunch at Sumiya 
Their sets seem quite affordable.. 
Baby u also hungry???

Suntec looks sooo different nowadays! I think they have many more stores ever since they had a facelift for the mall
Sumiya is conveniently situated right opposite Milly's (Previous post) so I could makan then go for an express pedicure to prep for my staycation
Food was quite ooiishi too btw! My chiraishi set + extra order of uni 
Walked opposite to the shop like within 20 steps only lol
Haha! Tats me! #notshy Arghhhh miss my Chrome Heart nails 
Babywear baby to the salon lol 
But thank you best babysitter cum girlfriend who help entertain the little one while I did express Gel pedi! 
Colors colors 
All the rainbow colors! 
I chose a very simple nude color so it will still look okay-ish when my nail grows out 
I swear I have the ugliest feet FML 
In the meantime.... 
Disturb baby 
(btw I wasnt really concerned about nail polish fumes coz this shop is hugeee and ventilation was good. Having said that, baby was busy playing with everyone in the shop so he was hardly near me when gelish was being applied) #JinBoEng ~~ walk here walk there lolol 
Really grateful to my girlfriend for playing with baby while I got my nails done! Arghhh #mummywoes! Now I need to find time to get my hair done too! So long liao! 
Thanks everyone for looking! Weather today is shiokkkk dao~ wanna go watch some tv while baby is snoozing now. 
Take care! Update abt my staycation next. Love xx 
* Millys Hair Lash Nails is a sponsor of this blog. Current promo Express Gelish Manicure $20, Express Gelish Pedicure $30. 

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