CNP Laboratory Invisible Peeling Booster Review

Friday, September 25, 2015

[Review] It doesn't matter how effective your moisturizer or serums are if you skin is not in its optimum state to absorb all the benefits that your skincare has to offer. I struggle with dry, sensitive skin made worse from the tolls of being a new mum. (Oh! Although the late nights are hopefully a thing of the past.. the night feeds are still here to stay for alittle while more, I guess.) Sometimes I can feel my skin protesting from all the lack of sleep.. and in its place, I see dullness and oil clogs. Having a young baby also means that I have no time for extravagant skincare routines which is why the CNP Laboratory Invisible Peeling Booster has found its place in my hectic lifestyle for awhile already!
CNP Laboratory Invisible Peeling Booster Review
A gentle exfoliant which requires no rinsing, the Invisible Peeling Booster effectively removes dead skin cells and boosts the efficacy of your skincare. 
The best part about the CNP Laboratory Invisible Peeling Booster? Its so, so gentle!

Perfect as a complement to your current skincare regime, the CNP Laboratory Invisible Peeling Booster is suitable for all skin types including, Blemish Prone Skin, Combination Skin, Dry Skin and Dull Skin. 
The pump bottle ensures no wastage and is hygienic to use.
An appropriate amount is evenly spread on face prior to using toner. The Invisible Peeling Booster is used after washing face in morning and evening on a daily basis. No rinsing or wiping is required.
The results? Well I have to say how I love this product for being so gentle! My sensitive skin may sometimes react easily towards especially peels or AHAs but the CNP Laboratory Invisible Peeling Booster has ingredients such as Allantoin to soothe even the most acne-prone or sensitive skins. (Read also : What is Allantoin) It is also extremely easy to apply, I simply use a cotton pad, squirt some Invisible Peeling Booster on it and pat all over face and neck right after the shower. I realize I saw results when my skin felt smooth to the touch even though I had zero time to do my regular exfoliation + mask and I didn't change the rest of my skincare products. Most of all I like how I had a slight glow after 2 weeks of using this and how my current moisturizer seem to penetrate better after including the CNP Laboratory Invisible Peeling Booster into my daily skincare routine.
CNP Laboratory Invisible Peeling Booster is available at Guardian Pharmacies for $48.90, 100ml. 
Thanks CNP for letting me review this!
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Take care and drink lotsa and lotsa water during this haze period, ya!
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