Yoomi - The First Self-Warming Baby Bottle Review

Sunday, September 13, 2015

[Review] Happy Sunday! Its the long weekend from Polling Day and regardless which political party won.. Life goes on, right? Baby just turned 6 months recently and we are venturing into solids which is exciting! But also quite troublesome la, haha! In the past he was just fully on breastmilk and all I needed to do was to make sure he drank well. With solids in his diet now, I have to prepare his food AND make sure that he drinks milk too. Luckily I have a life-saver called YOOMI~! This incredible feeding system is the First Self-Warming baby bottle and is practically a God-sent for frazzled parent(s), er, actually.. Im referring to just Daddy!
Yoomi - The First Self-Warming Baby Bottle Review
What is "Self-Warming"?
The warmer is the core of the yoomi system. When activated, it gently warms baby's feed to natural breast milk temperature in just 60 seconds.
Sounds so interesting, right..!

There's 3 important parts that make up an individual Yoomi bottle - The Bottle, the Slow Flow Teat and the Warmer (that comes with a pod to place it in).
All Yoomi products are BPA-Free.
The Yoomi Bottle
The yoomi bottle has been carefully designed to create a more comforting feeding experience. With a super soft teat for easy latch-on and effective anti-colic technology, yoomi is the ideal bottle for a more settled and contented baby. It is available in both 5oz and 8oz bottle sizes.
The Yoomi Teat
The yoomi teats have been carefully designed to create a more comforting feeding experience. The yoomi teat is made from super soft silicone for easy latch-on and features six anti-colic vents.
- 100% BPA Free
- Six anti-colic vents
- Natural teat shape
- Easy to combine breast and bottle feeding
- Available in slow, medium and fast flow
The Yoomi Warmer
The most amazing part about the Yoomi is this! This is DA BOMB. The magic item that makes ur milk warm and at a perfect temperature to drink! The warmer is the core of the Yoomi system. When activated, it gently warms baby's feed to natural breast milk temperature in just 60 seconds.
- Warms in 60 seconds
- Rechargeable in the yoomi pod in just  approx. 2 mins (microwave) and stays charged until you need it, anytime, anywhere with zero hassle.
- Recharge and sterilise at the same time in a pan of boiling water or an electric steam steriliser
- Lasts up to 250 feeds
- Stays warm for up to 1 hour 
- Fits in all Yoomi bottles
- 100% BPA Free
The Yoomi Pod
The NEW yoomi pod has been cleverly designed to recharge your warmer in just 2 mins in the microwave, making the yoomi system the ultimate time-saving, innovative and stress free way to feed your baby at home and on the go.
- The Pod recharges the Yoomi warmer in 2 minutes in a microwave
- Keeps your warmer clean & safe
- Also doubles as a carry case
- Easy to assemble & use
- 100% BPA Free
I really like how I can keep the warmer safe & sterilized in its pod until Im ready to use it!
Initial Impressions : I dun have a microwave at home (hehe, #truestory) so all I did was to pop the warmer into a pot of boiling water and waited for 30 mins before I took it out. The process is as simple as ABC actually. Boil (or Microwave), remove and let cool. I repeat... you have to let it cool down before you use it ya? Dun keh kiang warm it up and use immediately! It might damage the warmer then bye-bye.. the warmer spoil liao. What I recommend is getting afew warmers then u can warm it up all at once and just pop it into your bag to use it whenever! So convenient! Perfect for night feeds in my opinion. Especially if you or a caregiver is supposed to give baby a bottle at night and you cant wait for milk to warm up before baby start to scream her head off... this Yoomi takes 60 seconds to warm up perfect temperature milk! Sixty seconds. Thats all! 
Directions : Press the button. Leave for 30 seconds. Put bottle cap on and turn Yoomi bottle upside down for 30 seconds. Allow teat to fill with milk and feed baby.
I used it outside today and my hubby went, "Do u need hot water?" And Im like, "What hot water" Then he went, HUH HOW U WARM MILK WITHOUT HOT WATER. And im like, OH ITS WARM LIAO KTHX. I swear I can see his jaw drop to the floor when I just scoop my son up and feed him milk like before you can go take the hot water, this Yoomi made it ready to drink liao.
Great tool for on-the-go parents and if you are travelling or especially if u're in the bus/mrt/car and wah lau eh baby crying for milk! How to warm milk with hot water in moving vehicle sial????
All in all, this is really a pretty amazing baby product to make life easier for tired parents and caregivers. I mean, night feeds are the worst if u are faced with a tired hungry baby and you're so googy from the lack of sleep already. Yoomi also makes a great gift for parents-to-be and Im pretty sure that they'll thank you the next time they see you! And definitely plus points for not needing to handle hot water, or risk overheated (breast/formula) milk etc. Its always at the correct temperature! The only downside is that you have to recharge the warmers after every feed (more warmers = more cost $) but honestly I think the convenience is pretty addictive. You dun have to wait for a long time to feed baby so if you have an impatient baby or an inexperienced caregiver, this is a great way to facilitate milk feeds. I like how I didnt have to start pouring hot water/cold water ratio in public and do a balancing act trying to warm milk and juggling baby on my lap. :)
For more info, please head to :
Yoomi SG Website : http://www.yoomi.com.sg/
Yoomi Singapore : https://www.facebook.com/yoomisingapore
Yoomi is available at selected Kiddy Palace outlets – Toa Payoh, Jurong Point, Causeway Point, Century Square, Marina Square, Westgate Mall, Lot1 and Nex
Thank for dropping by and thanks Yoomi SG for the chance to review this! If you would like to try Yoomi - The First Self-Warming Baby Bottle, do look out for its latest promotion at the next Mummys Market Babyfair that is coming in October!
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