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Wednesday, November 02, 2016

What a difference (almost) a year makes :)
Im not sure if I have the energy to continue blogging to be honest. Motherhood takes up a lot of my time. But it was been one of the best times in my life. I've genuinely made so many good friends through having babies, we laugh we cry but it has been really an eye-opener. Before this, my life was events, products, makeup and everything that doesn't seem so important right now at this point of time. I got to be honest, I see my single or child-less friends going for spa, holidays or just watching a movie will seem like such a luxury to me now. No, make that trips to the bathroom UNACCOMPANIED. Now thats a real luxury. *facepalm* Haha! Today I just heard my husband say to the 19 mth old, "Let Mummy have some time alone, ok?" And that is because Im furiously trying to get this new blogskin up today. Im just impatient in that sense I guess. I hate, seriously - hate things left undone so I try my best to get things in place before I go to bed, hence the late nights sometimes! Because I cant do it when the toddler is around~~~ (-_-)'' 
While I was breaking out into a cold sweat with some of the HTML (wanted to get rid of some redundant stuff), the son actually pounced on me and on to the laptop - which by the way, was resuscitated from the corner of my cabinet - and I dunno how a precarious little baby can actually change the sizes of my fonts, something that I never knew can be done..til just now. So yes.. I had to pluck him away from my Macbook and put him to sleep before I carried on banging my head in frustration. Im not just very good with all this technical stuff .... and too cheapo to pay someone to do it for me. :p 
So anyways! Hows the new look?   

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