Lunch and Shoe-Shopping with Lesbo

Saturday, November 12, 2016

To be honest I haven been meeting my own friends for the longest longest time and IM SO GUILTY! And I miss them all so much! Things have been hectic in the family, my mum's health have been of utmost priority to me thats why.. hence Im so sorry to have let my friends take a backseat for a moment...  
My one and only LESBO LOVE! So many years.. we're still the same.. Jokes, laughter and alot of love and positive vibes always xx
Love her to bits! Isnt she the cutest maucks
Lunch after Elroy's school at my usual hangout .. Jamie's!
I've grown to love... their prosecco here LOLOL 
But the best part is that we can go SHOE SHOPPING next door right after a hearty meal!
Halfway trying on shoes and your son takes his bag to u like he wanna hint that he's bored and he wanna go home.. *MEN*
Prettiest tea rose shoes! xx
Then someone hungry on the way home alamak. I only have a steamed sweet potato in his snack box so...
The best way to welcome the weekend ....


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