Lunch at The Ship

Monday, November 28, 2016

The Ship, with the name alone, - has fond memories for me because I remember going there with my mum when I was really young, eating steak on a hot plate and thinking how nostalgic it felt when I re-visited the restaurant at Shaw again with my then-boyfriend, now husband. I think they refurbished the place when the shopping center went through a major facelift, but still .. the place oozes flashback and sentimentality 😇
With my friend L who jio-ed us and made reservations! #friends
The Ship kept the booth seats and marine deco with pictures of ships adorning the walls 
It was actually quite busy when we went after lunch hours on a weekday!
For the life of me.... I didnt realize that this place has kick-ass fried snakehead fish soup! 👀 Deep-fried to yummy goodness! Wahaahha I put tomato ketchup and dip it like tempura while slurping the soup!
Lunch set is $14.90++ and comes with your choice of coffee or tea and ice cream! I chose vanilla flavor (my companions had strawberry which they say its damn good!) - and it comes in a metal ice cream cup reminiscing of the good ol days! Anyone remembers eating ice cream from this kinda 'cups'??  

With L & L and our babywearing babies!
We can pink day all day err day! #Boysrockpink
Always alot of fun meeting friends over a casual lunch with the babies! 
Have a great start of the week! 

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