Finger-Painting With The Toddler

Thursday, December 29, 2016

One of the things I love doing with the son to encourage creative sensory play are drawing, coloring or painting. Art is an expression of the soul (LOL) and there is no right or wrong when creating art, so basically anything goes, haha!
I was browsing the bookshop earlier in the day and came across finger-painting pads and I thought to myself, how perfect! Basically you can DIY them by having paint and getting your toddler to dip his fingers on to a flat surface like a disposable plate or something, but these are ready made paint pads and it was fairly easy to just start painting!
I started the ball rolling and then he just did it all by himself! 
And then I started drawing .. or rather, trying to draw characters that resemble sea creatures! 😁
The end result .... 
A "collaboration" piece of art! It made a fun afternoon activity with the son 💋
TIPS for Finger-Painting :
 - Its always advisable to wear something that you wouldn't mind it to be stained or dirty. 
- You can use an old adult tshirt over your kid if they resist wearing an art apron. 
- You can lay newspaper on the table, or tape cut plastic bags over the workspace so you can easily roll it up and throw.
- Never leave toddler unattended with paint/ink/anything with color ... unless you can deal with the heart attack 
- Over time toddler will understand that paint and crayons 'goes on paper', but expect mess or resistance touching the paint (its cold!) if its your kid's first experience doing art at home
- Enjoy and embrace! I would usually show how its done and then allow my toddler to play up his own creativity and imagination 
- You can lead, but try not to instruct. Let them do it themselves and pin the artwork up! Makes a great gift to the grandparents during occasions too! 
Have fun!

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