My DIY Red and Gold Christmas Wreath from FloralGarage

Monday, December 26, 2016

Im not the most creative person I have to admit. There were times where I will rather buy something off the shelf premade coz its so pretty and I really dont think that I have the artistic ability to recreate something like that at home.
So when my naked Christmas wreath arrived from FloralGarage, the box was huge and my husband immediately said ... "Are you sure you can do it.."..💢
*insert dagger stare at the hubs*

While trying to stop my toddler from taking all the ''balls!" and throwing it down the stairs - he obviously loves the silver mirror ones coz that's all he took -, and with my other half half-laughing and smirking at my latest DIY project ...
I laid everything out and got down to it .. one bauble at a time, cutting the wire, tying the ornaments... arranging the display flower..
.. FINALLY! I karpok-ed that red bird from my dining table's Christmas display and a Merry Christmas topper from a log cake ... 😝 While the rest were included in the box for me to display my inner decorative competency
The end result! I guess the hub was duly impressed so he hung it on out front door 😇
I love it! My own unique Christmas wreath right in time for the festive holiday! 
Maybe next year I'll get round to decorating my 6 feet Christmas tree after this #wreathproject. I never realized how therapeutic decorating could be ..
Merry Christmas to all! Hope you are having a fabulous time. Stay healthy :)
Product was provided to me for a review, opinions are my own.

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