Weekend Trip To The Zoo

Friday, December 09, 2016

On weekends we head to the ZOO! Actually its Elroy's first time la, I scare to go and kena heatstroke but since its almost monsoon season, its not that hot nowadays. But then again, scare rain coz kena find place to siam if sudden downpour.. so very dilemma. 😅
We live in the east.... so journey to the west 
Actually we got there slightly before lunchtime and the crowd is manageable!
Lunch first!
The food there is wayyyy expensive. Drinks alone cost us $8 wtf. For coke and teh. The food is lukewarm and bland. I think it was $28 for one plate of briyani and nasi lemak. Quite heart attack.
The son's favorite animal! MONKEY!
Koi viewing on the way 
The hippo so cute!
White Tigers! 
Someone getting very tired actually and with his last burst of energy he wants to WALK! Kept telling me Walk walk walk~! 
He literally became like the kangeroo... kept hopping and running around like a mad boy.
So I caught him and kept him in my Tula LOLOL #EvilMum
Because... its #real when I tell u that u need to catch an active toddler and force them to nap else they will go crazy 
So while the son naps, the parents sit around and get a nice cold drink! 
Finally, someone is awake and ready for part 2! 
Awww.. Elroy saw this scene and said "BABY"
Mummy and child!
He requested for milk... I guess cold milk taste best on such a hot sunny day!
To conclude our trip to the zoo, we ended up at the Rainforest Kidzworld!

He cant wait for WATER PLAY!
Super duper perfect way to spend the afternoon!
He enjoyed it so much!
After Kidzone, we left for home and it was such a lovely day out with the family.
"And I will carry you, for as long as you let me to."
Looking forward to the weekend again! Now... where shall we go next? 

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