Gerber Organic Puffs Review

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

If you have a young toddler or a baby who is beginning to pick stuff up to eat, Gerber's Organic Puffs will come in handy for the times if you are on the run and need something to keep the little hands (and mouths!) busy LOL. Certified growers who use organic practices, Gerber's organic ingredients are made with the goodness of organic whole grain and these puffed little snacks are just right for tiny fingers and hands to pick up. They dissolve easily and are not sweet, coz I've tasted it! 
Gerber Organic Puffs Review 
When is my baby ready for puffs?
Technically speaking, once baby crawls with stomach off the floor or in BLW (Baby-Led-Weaning, which we practice at home) - A baby who can sit unassisted and begins to self-feed with fingers is ready for puffs. 
Gerber Organic Puffs are USDA certified-organic with 2g of whole grain per serving. Each serving includes Vitamin E, Iron, Zinc, for healthy growth and development.
I like how these puffs are slightly crunchy (very addictive!) yet they melt-in-your-mouth immediately! They are perfect for little tastebuds without being overly sweet because as parents we definitely dun want to deal with sugar-high crazed toddlers 😄~ I always put some in our diaper bag and its a hit with Elroy's baby friends when we are out :) And yes, the kiddos even eats the Green Veggie puffs ROFLLLL so I guess it must be good! 
I was finishing up this post when my 2yo woke up, looked at these picturs and told me "MAMA I WANT THE PUFF!!!" Now I need to go get him some .... LOL! #SnackOrganicWithGERBER 
Thanks for looking!

*This product should only be fed to seated, supervised children who are accustomed to chewing solid foods

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