Making My Own Yogurt At Home

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

I really like eating plain yogurt. Not the fruit or honey kind that they sell in supermarkets but the Greek style white white kind. Coz I can mix it with strawberries, granola or just eat it plain all day err day. The best part is even the toddler loves plain yogurt. IDK how and why, but one day he came home from school and suddenly kept asking for "Gurt gurt" ~ then we both eat it together 😋After some months of buying plain unsweetened yogurt off the shelves, I came to a realization that I should just do it DIY with all the milk we have since nobody else at home drinks milk except for the little one and coz his milk are fresh from our local farm (YES we have a cow farm in Singapore!) and it expires sibeh fast one, like open for 5 days must throw away liao. So I reckon the best way is to make it all into yogurt right before it goes to waste! Sounds perfect man! DIY yogurt with no added sugar, no preservatives, no wastage and whenever I want or need it! 😁
Making My Own Yogurt
I bought a Yogurt Maker (and Cheese Maker, I'll talk about that in another post) from Qoo10 after looking at some models available online. This is a slightly bunkier model, but its PINK and it doesn't need electrical powder. I took the instructions off the website and its really very simple!
Basically you need 
- Fresh Plain Milk (Have to be Full Fat, no Low Fat Milk)
- Plain Drinking Yogurt (Or any flavor powder but I bought Yogurt Powder Natural, will try the ones with flavor soon and update) 
- Boiling Water 
Instructions : Simply add 150ml of drinking yogurt (or powder) into the tub. Pour plain full-fat fresh milk til it hits the 900ml mark. Make sure everything does not go over the 900ml mark else it might spill over. Stir well.
Get your kettle ready and boil water. Add boiling water to the 'mark' of the inner case.
Simply place tub into the Yogurt Maker. Close lid.
10 hours later, remove tub and place in fridge for a couple more hours to chill the yogurt.
I did it in on Friday afternoon after lunch, and by Saturday morning it was PERFECT!
Smooth creamy fresh yogurt!
Super easy and delicious! Also, knowing that the bubs is having unsweetened preservative free yogurt, that makes it worthwhile! Just pair it with fresh fruits, honey or nuts and its a healthy treat anytime of the day! No more buying off the shelves or looking at expiry dates! Now I can do it at anytime, at home! 💗
Hope you enjoyed the post! Thanks for looking!

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