Weekday Brunch At Dutch Colony with My GirlFriend

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

I love having coffee and brunch with my friends in the morning - preferably on weekdays coz the toddler will be off at school, the husband will be at work and I can fully enjoy 1-1 time with the people that I love. Honestly... as a full-time SAHM to an active 2 year old, I don't have much time on my hands to go for leisure high teas or spa sessions any more. I miss my old life yes, that I cant deny - but I fully embrace my new(-ish) routine. The routine of MOTHERHOOD. 
Brunch At Dutch Colony
Located in the East, parking is a little tricky but I like like the vibe of the neighbourhood.
Im always grateful when friends meet me because yes I crave ADULT GIRL convo! 😈 
Or just someone who will not talk about baby/kids to me! 😄
Leisure brunch around the hood 
Coffee is much needed 
My scrambled eggs was a disappointment to say the least. Its literally eggs and plain toast with nothing else on the plate. I asked for butter ... and they said they ran out of it. #TRUESTORY 😴 I mean you're a CAFE that doesn'tt have BUTTER? Coz uh this plate cost me like wat, $14.90? Or something so maybe expecting butter isn't too much? Then anyways, when I accepted the fact that they ran out of butter, a staff member came by (rather begrudgingly I have to add) to plonk some butter on my table. Fantastic. 😪
My girlfriend's Eggs Benedict was abit better 
The pancakes look good though - Im so glad it was  the saving grace of my meal
U see this pic.. my portion look a bit pathetic rite lololol. Heng I ish order 3 mains instead else hungry die me. #Notenoughtoeat #Greedy 😁
With my girlfriend - we have been friends for years and she has always been there for me! So I will be there for her too - LOVE U! xxxx 💗
Look of the Day :
Sunscreen - V10 Plus Water Base Sunblock SPF 40+++
Powder - 3CE Slim Fit Compact Powder in Soft Beige 
Eyes - Urban Decay Naked 3 
Eyelash Extensions - Millys
Highlighter - Kylie Pressed Illuminating Powder in Cotton Candy Cream
Blusher - Kylie Pressed Blush Powder in Barely Legal
Lips - Kylie Lips in Bare 
Thanks for looking! xo

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