Elroy's Play Area Overhaul

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

I can't stand mess - in my perfect home and in my perfect world, there will be NO mess, no clutter no dust. But I dun live in a bubble, nor do I live in a perfect world. With 2 kids, there can never be 'no-mess'. All the 2 year old needs to do is to wake up, and 5 minutes later, its messy liao. 😅 My room machiam warzone everyday! Maybe I should do a room tour soon. 😝
Elroy's Play Area Overhaul 
Is it an understatement to say that kids these days are super privileged and blessed? Before they are born, well-meaning friends and relatives start sending presents along with toys and more toys. Being the first grandchild in the family - I remember loading so much stuff, clothes, toys alike just from the full month party and throughout the years, everything just exponentially increased. I need some new cabinets and thus that was my 2017 year-end plan. 
IKEA - Still the best place to get everything for the house all under one roof! The showflat styles made for a great area to pose LOL
Since the toddler was in school, I wasted no time heading to the IKEA kids department to check out colorful storage ideas. 
I know I need a small cabinet for his playarea, one which we can keep his little cars and toy buses neatly 
There are several types of storage spaces, so choose one that suits your family and style best.
Comparing prices and styles 
For those new to IKEA, you can grab a piece of their order form and note down the items that you need and pick it up at the self-pick area.
The hub assembling the cabinet that we chose.
Check out the Before pic below 
I placed Elroy's little toys like Lego pieces in this new storage area for easy retrieval.
The bins are light and colorful 
Previously he had so many loose cars, trains and little toy figurines that tend to end up in other toy boxes coz he simply had too many. Now I just place it in the storage bins and he can look for them easily!
We also got these plastic lids for the bins to keep the dust out
Look how neat they are!
We love the new area!
So much neater and we got rid of the old table which took up so much space and made everything look so messy. Now we have a larger area to play and read. 
There is still a lot of stuff and toys - its not perfect but slowly I guess! My new year resolution is to have lesser clutter, lesser buying (LOLOLOL) and to keep everything as simple as possible.
Hope you gained some ideas for your kid's room and a HAPPY NEW YEAR to all! Thanks for dropping by! Looking forward to a better 2018! 💗

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