The Cutest Diaper Prints - Happy Diapers Review

Friday, January 26, 2018

I really think that our kids are so fortunate! Before I become a mother, I never knew that I would spend hours looking at .. diapers. 😆 The most basic thing that all new parents have to buy, disposable diapers are a necessity that is oh-so very important too. Material, absorbency, comfort .. the list goes on. In fact some parents would love to receive diapers as a present for the baby and personally I feel diaper-cakes can be very practical as a newborn gift too!
The Cutest Diaper Prints - Happy Diapers Review
Why Happy Diapers?
Only the safest and best raw materials are used in the production of each Happy Diapers uniquely designed diaper. Scroll down to see more designs!
Developed in USA & produced in Indonesia. Happy Diapers provides premium quality pants diapers. Other than its superior quality, the biggest difference with existing diaper companies is that we allow our customers to freely express their style by choosing from our collection of 20 diaper patterns.
Here's a look at some of the designs available 
Wow so many I dunno where to start LOL
*These individually packed diapers are free samples, hence the different designs in one box
Each diaper package consist of only 1 pattern, so customers only buy the designs they like, just like buying a piece of fashionable clothing for their toddlers.
I love how soft and stretchy these pants are! Baby Elric is a little on the erm center-heavy side so the elastic waistband is comfortable and practical 😇 The super absorbency gel in the diaper also made sure that its not wet thus providing more comfort for baby. There is a convenient handy tape at the back so you can easily roll it up and tape it before disposing. It also 'held up' well when Didi did a number 2 and it didn't leak or made him feel uncomfortable at all. So thumbs up!
I tried it overnight and because he usually sleeps for a long stretch of time, Im particular about the absorbency. I had one very popular diaper brand leak on him several times, so much so that I have to boycott it secretly in my heart LOL. #Makemechangesomanybedsheets 😡
Will be purchasing these for the older toddler! The designs are so pretty I wish I can buy them all!
For more info, please head to :
Happy Diapers Website :
Available at Mothercare Paragon and online here :
, $14.90 for a pack of 30 in size M. Sizes come in M 7-12 kg, L 9-14 kg and XL 12-17 kg. 

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