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Friday, August 29, 2008

Dear all,


Well, the blog got closed becoz someone actually wrote an email to my lovely company condemning the things I write.
But the question rather was.. what did I write?
I have no idea til now.

Truth is, I felt immersely relieved, like a burden got lifted off my shoulder.

I am no longer stressed about juggling work and blogging, nor am I obligated to post frequently.
Now I usually spend my time pottering around the house aimlessly while not at work (or shopping, hee.), looking at incredibly designed shoes online and constantly dream about owning another bag.
But thats another story I guess.

Sweethearts, I appreciate ur kind thoughts and am extremely grateful for the emails some have took time off to type.
If I did not reply, rest assured that I have read them all..
I am just upset with myself for disappointing some of u who was with me since Day 1.

I wish I could tell u that I will be starting another blog but right now, I have no idea if the crazy person have decided to leave me alone or not.

Its alright if you hate me, Im sorry but Im not perfect u know.

But I do, to some extent- love my job enough and I guess you knew that was infact my achilles heel which was the only way to ultimately made me stop writing.
Ok, u win.
Coz I have no choice but to stop now.

But I do hope u have a nice day.

Coz Im having one.

God bless.


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  1. What a shame! Ive always enjoyed reading ur blog. I dun think u said anything abt the company so no worries!! i hope that mad person will leave u alone too so u can continue to blog.

  2. it's so sad cos i do enjoy reading your blog v much! and you didn't even write anything abt your company. It's so mean... the person will get his/her karma one day... just so mean and bitchy!

  3. sob sob... i miss sugar's post..

  4. That person is just jealous of you. I miss yr blog sugarsweet.

  5. oh,so sad ,gal. Hope that crazy mean gal will leave u alone . Mayb she is just jealous of u. Hope to see u start bloggin again. by the way, u know the jap brand shampoo syoss? I was previously buying from my hair saloon but now it seems that they had stop distributin in spore. Any idea where can i buy them? thanks!

  6. Hi Elaine, tis Auntie Vernis from CC. I am your fan. so sad you to stop 'writing' due some nut.......... i tik the nut must be extremely jealous of you. take care yay till you are ready to share wif us your sweet living tales. Cheerios!!!!!

  7. Yeah I agree, the person is just jealous of you! I wish to read about your blogs again. I don't think you write anything bad about the co at all, come on!

  8. I had no idea you stopped blogging because some twit! :( What comes around goes around. Take care, babe! And see you in Raffles one day! ;)

  9. let us know when u r ready to blog, many of us are waiting here. have a nice day!

  10. I hope you do continue to blog cos i miss reading ur post!

    Don't care abt that person cos i think she's juz being bitchy & jealous.

  11. One who loves bags and shoes as much as you, people out there cant get as much attention as you do. cheer up.. u r doing great. glad to see u there again.

  12. same old is good :)

    hope to see u ard more


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