Toddler Friendly Whitebait Fried Rice (No Salt Recipe)

Friday, October 11, 2019

[Kid Friendly #Whitebait Fried Rice Recipe✨] Fried rice has always been my family’s favorite and I love how versatile this recipe is! 😍 Growing up, fried rice has always been a sample at home and I love mine with a lot of red cut chili and sambal balachan! 😻
I like using whatever ingredients I have in the fridge, so really - the options are endless! I advocate no-wastage, coz food is really so expensive! And I hate to throw away food, so fried rice is always a perfect way to use up all the leftover rice from the night before 😇 
Today I’m using fried whitebait, sliced threadfin (for the toddler) and mock crabmeat stock (for myself mainly 😅), along with #Hokkaido sweet corn and frozen peas/carrots. 🥕
🥦Slice fish & crabmeat, beat eggs marinated with @liloikanbilis NEW Whitebait powder.
🥦Add oil (same oil used to fry whitebait) to pan and stir fry some chopped garlic.
🥦Add protein in and continue to stir fry. You can add some prawns for older toddlers. Add vegetables in, together with rice.
🥦 Create a “hole” in the middle of the pan with rice around and pour beaten egg in the middle. Continue frying and mix rice, egg and ingredients together. Make sure rice is well coated with egg.
🥦 Add some @liloikanbilis mushroom powder, splash of sesame oil for flavor.
🥦 I had some leftover whitebait, so I simply rinsed, dry and deep fry as a topping with my rice for a crunchy bite! 
😋 Add more @liloikanbilis whitebait powder for added taste ✨💯
*Tip : Use overnight cold rice, or cook fresh rice with lesser water and leave to cool down before frying. 
I have to eat it with lotsa red cut chili padi! So spicy, but SO GOOD!
Hope you enjoyed this little recipe! I’ve always liked cooking simple food for the family and I sincerely hope you will love these as much as I do! ❤
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