Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Being away from blogging for sometime, I highly suspect that I am suffering from something quite, quite serious.


Maybe its the withdrawal blogger symptoms, thats why its been post after post after post these days!
Bear with me, ok.

Btw, I dun think u should blame me coz I will be going Melbourne after this n will only be back til Thursday which means no blogging til then!

And frankly, I have around ten thousand pictures lying in my lappy all dying for their 15 mins of fame!
I've stopped blogging then, but still very much a camwhore thankyouverymuch.
Some things just dun change overnight, u'noe?

Can I show u somehing quite so yummy?

Pancakes on the Rocks, Sydney

Its always full house and people stand outside to wait for ages just for a table.

Huuuuge slab of steak to share.

Its my favourite place to be in Sydney becoz I love pancakes and they are the only decent place to be opened at 10pm anywhere besides Chinatown in that blardy country.

Best Buddy is there for studies (or is it...) n she usually bombard me with her latest gossip about school, about her housemates, about our little red dot n its oh-so-fun doing it over chocolate banana pancakes in the middle of the night.

Then it'll be a slow walk back to the hotel but never, never once will the talking stop.
(Not from me, of cos.)

Ok I know where I get my verbal diarrhea from already.

(Erm, Do u think she'll see this? Ha!)

Alrighty mates, have a good one.
Im off to work!

God bless.


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