Milan Part Uno

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hi everyone!
How did u spend ur day?:)
Mine was really fun with a trip to the library then durians for supper. Heehee.
I wish it was Sunday everyday!

Anyways, I thought I should start slowly with pictures from recent travels.
Esp the cities I really heart.

Here's Milan in all its glory.

Erm, the roads.
They confuse me badly, and I guess I ought to stop complaining about road signs in Singapore.

Oh well, at least their shopping centres look great.

Piazza del Duomo, Milan

"Milan is renowned as one of the world capitals of design and fashion. The English word milliner is derived from the name of the city. The Lombard metropolis is famous for its fashion houses and shops (such as along via Montenapoleone) and the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele in the Piazza Duomo (reputed to be the world's oldest shopping mall)."

The shops scream luxury and the sales personnel are a snootish sort.
I love the historical building on the outside, as well as the inside which has a timeless elegance that will never age.

Shops available in Duomo.

On the outside of Duomo.

Like many famous places in Italy, the square outside the Galleria has dozens of pigeons which made it undoubtedly romantic.
What I would do to take my wedding pictures there!

Picturesque sights.

Ok bye everyone, Im off to do something really, really important!
Actually Im off to watch TV laaaa.
N disturb Jungle Boy.

God bless. :)
Ding Tai Feng tomorrow for lunch! Yum yum!


Signing off with words of wisdom from Jungle Boy.

Him: "Kong Fu Zhi once said, If u sleep with an itchy backside, u wake up with a smelly finger."
Me: "Ewwwweeee!"
Him: *looks happy*

Dunno is I disturb him or he disturb me.

Some info n pictures credit to Wiki.

Edited to add:

Millie: Milan is quite hot when I went there around a month ago, as u can see from my sundress that I was wearing! :) N Paris has cheaper LV as compared to anywhere in the world.


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