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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Someone sweet left a tag regarding my hair and I feel like Im on top of the world.

I dun pay much attention to my hair as much as I would love to admit, but sometimes I try to get my lazy butt off the couch to do something about its rather atrocious condition.

Dove Therapy for Dry & Damaged Hair
An intensive moisture treatment that targets severe dryness and damage helping to repair rough textured hair. The Therapy Reviving Mask is designed to help repair the roughness and dryness of damaged hair. It also reduces frizz and flyways and leaves your hair soft.

My current Holy Grail after my favourite line of shampoo SYOSS was discontinued.
Frankly I was rather sceptical initally, being a somewhat snob after using salon exclusive shampoos.

But recession now you noe, and a shampoo is a shampoo afterall.
David Gan has no hair n he cuts hair for a living.

Its just like facial wash.
Its not the expensive ones that does the job better, u just feeeeel that its better.
Cheap drugstores ones just works as well n I personally feel that this Dove range does the job for less.

I use a 50 cent dollap of shampoo for my rather thick hair, but actually u dun need so much if u have shorter or thinner hair.
People make the mistake of washing the whole head and hair from roots to tips but in the long run, frequent shampoo-ing will dry out the ends of ur hair sooner than u realise.

You should concentrate on the roots, removing excess dirt and oil from the scalp.
Masssage throughly to improve blood circulation and some swear it promotes hair growth.
(Some swear by brandy too but I dunno about that one ah.)

Dun worry about the rest of ur hair, when u rinse off the foam from the shampoo, it is enough to clean the bottom part of ur hair.

However, I advocate using better quality conditioners suitable for ur hair type.

I have thick, wavy and fizzy hair naturally, and my hairstylist (ok, who also happens to be my best friend Wendy la.) refuses to rebond my hair after many pleas and attempts to bribe her with chocolate.

She just thinks that I dun need it.

Its extremely irritating to have a hairstylist n best friend rolled in one, becoz she'll usually threaten not to 'friend' me if I try to do anything funny with my hair.
Sometimes I think we are stuck in primary school, heh.

Er, ok *ahem* back to hair now.

Sebastian Potion 7
Experience the seven wonders of beautiful hair. Sebastian Originals Potion 7 is a rich nutritive treatment that is so personal and versatile, it works to fit your lifestyle not vica versa.

I love this gem I found half-off buried in a bin in a small beauty store in Houston, Texas.
Its a small tube of magic, a deep hydrating conditioner that is meant for in-between salon appointments, or if like me, -do not have the luxury of time n of coz, so much money to professionally steam ur hair in salons.

It smells delicious, somewhat like grapefruits in a field.

When Im feeling like a good girl, I will wash my hair as per normal and instead of my usual conditioner, I apply Potion 7 deliberately over my hair, concentrating on the ends which are usually drier.
Avoid the scalp becoz u dun wanna aggravate oiliness especially in the hot humid weather we have locally.

Wrap a towel like a turban around ur head, (or a hot damp one if u are really free and can be bothered.) then read a magazine, surf the net or disturb ur bf with a face mask on.

I like to use Kose Black Mask becoz I would look like Golliwog and Jungle Boy is usually is afraid of my 'black, black' face but thats just us for that matter.

After half an hour of horsing around, u go to the bathroom, wash it all off and there u have it, -beautiful hair I hope.

Have a great weekend everyone, God bless.
Hope u enjoyed this entry.


The author is by no means a professional hairstylist, just a kaypoh trying to save some money with DIY salon style conditioning.

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