Sunday, October 26, 2008

A quick update before my life spirals out of control later.

Dinner at my mum's.
Sending her to mahjong session at aunt's.
Coming back to pack my bag for Zurich, Switzerland on Tuesday.
Tickle Jungle Boy.
Put face mask, hair mask n dipilate all unwanted hair.
Choose something presentable to wear.
Repeat above action for Jungle Boy.

Ex-team girl's Baby Girl 1st month tomorrow!
Okie, I admit Im excited coz I love babies as long as its not mine..yet.

Favourite thing to do!
Room service whenever Im lazy, weather cold, tired etc.

Now... Jungle Boy's napping n Im sorta contemplating pinching him coz I've got ten thousand things to do n he's SLEEPING..???

Wth, men.

Luckily he's my boyfriend n Im the only one in the whole wide world who thinks he looks adorable asleep. (besides, his mother, la.)

But still.

Bye everyone.. Monday holiday ah!


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