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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Helloooooo everyone! Has it been a week already?
Omg time flies!
I have my nice smelling Grapefruit mask on now, courtesy of my korean trip eons ago.
The Face Shop has really cheap n good ones but locally, I like my Watson's masks best.
Try the Bird Nest ones, they are going for 5 pieces at $17.90 iirc.
They are reeeeally good for a house brand. ;)

Talking about skin, here's a sample of my usual makeup.

I have quite abit of cosmetics but the thing is, I dun even use alot of makeup when Im out.
(Work not included.)

Just sunblock, false lashes and lipbalm n Im off to face the world.

I just like to buy pretty makeup to look at it, I suppose.
Therefore, my end year resolution is to use more makeup before they all expire on me!

The result with the above makeup.
(P.S Thats how my stupid hair look when I dun blow it.)

Thank God for hairdryers.

More on makeup next time!
I wanna talk about my fishing trip can? :p

2 Nov
Jungle Boy has generous friends who sometimes have nothing better to do but invite us (read:freeloaders.) out to sea.

We talk cock, drink beer and gorge ourselves silly onboard.

Anchor Away!
We took off in the mid-afternoon where the sun doesnt burn so much.

Author's note to boyfriend: Better teach his girlfriend to hold a fishing rod properly.

Boyfriend's note to himself: Forget it.

Breathtaking scenes.

Very quickly, the sun set and we drank all the beer.
Time to pack up, sail back to dry land and relish the memory of having a great time with perfect company.

3rd Nov

Then it was time to go Los Angeles.
Err.. and shop.

I literally had to pull myself back from buying!
Every single time I go there Abercrombie follows me back.

Even if I have nothing to buy, I buy something from A&F.
I just cannot fathom.
Is it the clothes? The loud techno-like music? Or the perfume they spray machiam like free in the shops?
Maybe its just the young college boys they employ... hmm..

N then I struck gold.

I adoreeee my new rubber soles from Gucci.
They are waterproof and so comfy I feel like its Crocs with embossed GGs.

And very literally my gold... - Gold sandals from Nine West!

They are my ultimate newest favouritest shoes for now.
Somemore got discount upon discount for Nine West!

I go up to pay at the counter, smugly thinking to myself that this fabulous pair of flops are already marked-down and then ta-dahhh! The salesperson go all excited and tells me she's giving me another discount off the ALREADY-DISCOUNTED price becoz its just is!

Like going to get ur 3rd prize 4D money n realising u won starter too.
Simply put, - bery happy la.
Shoes somemore.. lagi happy.

10 Nov

Off to Iputa to do in-fills for my gel nails n my monthly pedicure.

Wearing my new sandals out around town once I came back, I then met some of my favourite people for coffee.

Jungle Boy joined us after he finished work, n bought all of us dinner!
Kazu at Cuppage has the best beef I swear.

Its one of those small teppanyaki shops in Cuppage next to dingy Japanese nightclubs with the best authentic and stupidly expensive food that makes u order for ten becoz the portions are so ridiculously small.

I had foie gras courtesy of my boyfriend who knows Im crazily mad about it! :D
Then he made me promise not to eat out at restaurants for the next 235 days.
OK, kidding.

I think he just wants me to stop buying shoes.

Btw its my birthday month and everyday Im telling Jungle Boy.. "My birthday coming you know!"
Hahahhahahahah very fun to see his eyes roll.

Bye bye lovely ones, Im off to bed!
Tomorrow I promised myself to declutter our room and make some space for my two pairs of shoes.
Might drop by On Pedder soon for birthday shoes, shall see how.
Else Wendy will scold me for not letting her buy bags but going off to buy another pair of shoes.

But.. but cannot scold me.. coz MY BIRTHDAY COMING U NOE!

God bless.


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